2012/38 : Not only, yet not quite

At first glance I feared, that after yesterweeks rich musical harvest, this week would come down to a dealing with afterbirths. Luckily, my professional pessimism would soon retreat to its somber hideout, and I could rejoice and manage to pick a few nice tracks from this week’s mass of predominantly music for aggression therapy and -as usual- porno films.

Before we start: If there is anyone out there, that does not have the new Octane & DLR album: go get it. If, however, someone might already be through with it (in whatever way), he/she might find relief of occasional withdrawal symptoms through Tephra’s new Resistance EP (feat. MC Frequency). Though not entirely able to keep up with the magnificent acteurs of Method in the Madness, one will still find deepness and funk inside that is definitely worth checking out.

Tephra feat. MC Frequency – Resistance EP (Terabyte Records) – http://soundcloud.com/terabyte-records/sets/resistance-ep-tephra-tb002/

For those with a more persistent post-madness trauma, we recommend the new Amoss EP, whose only real disadvantage is that its high dose wears off after only two songs. The first one, Real Talk, is -despite the fascination of a lisping MC- a true melodic monster the likes of Octane, DLR and Cern’s methodic masterpiece Rawness, although it doesn’t fail to establish its own vibe. Track 2, Hybris’ Minus-Remix, does once again show the stop-and-go-animator’s rhythmic finesse in an impressive manner, as well as his outstanding taste in sound. Another obvious EP of the Week, if we only were to award it.

Amoss – Real Talk (Horizons Music) – http://soundcloud.com/amoss/amoss-real-talk-forthcoming

Amoss – Minus (Hybris Remix, Horizons Music) – http://soundcloud.com/amoss/amoss-minus-hybris-remix

In the meantime, Black Sun Empire attempted what for Cause 4 Concern didn’t work out too good just two weeks ago: reinvention from the outside. And it does indeed seem a bit as if today’s rock giants (suppose there were) took on 80ies classics: mostly nice, but with occasional ‘nostalgic’ (or historic?) elements such as the straight-eight-notes-subbass-lines -for instance on Mindscape’s mediocre Transmission-remix as well as Neonlights rework of Eraser– and the stubborn straightforwardness of for example the reverberation, which too is not exactly an aspect of nowadays thinking any more. Nevertheless this is not a bad EP, for especially Telekinesis’ Inpeak-remix as well as Chaingang, done by old BSE-homie Jade, do carry these classics with all brute subtlety (or was it subtle brutality?) forth into the Now. Anyone in desperate anticipation of October 1st will need this item anyway; but any friend of soigné psycho-trance with a vehement tendency for boom (-the onomatopoetic orthography of a sounding snare drum has rendered me completely helpless-) might try a listen in this dark woods.

Black Sun Empire, Jade, Neonlight, Mindscape, Telekinesis – From the Shadows Album Sampler (Black Sun Empire Recordings) – http://soundcloud.com/blacksunempire/sets/black-sun-empire-from-the-1/

Of a quite similar fashion is M-Atome’s 18th release, that on the a-side combines Chris SU and Jade on Digital Mind, a dark-evil saw-orgy, that could easily feature on the new BSE album. On the flipside of things, State of Mind contribute a greasy groove-giant, that shares the predictability with most colossal beings, but is easily awarded major dancefloor-approval. It doesn’t really get much bigger than this in our age of aggression.

Chris SU, Jade – Digital Mind / State of Mind – Spastic Audio (M-Atome) – http://soundcloud.com/m-atome-recs/sets/m-atome-018/

The new Dabs (& Grotesque) EP consequently takes its place among this predecessors, for it too combines old school techstep with an elegantly vicious horror-flavor: thick fuzzy basses, Hitchcock-strings, vintage drums and a synthie-stab in the back improve the straight yet utterly nice debut EP of the new label Red Light Records, and brings shelter not only to techy nostalgiacs.

Dabs – Lockdown / Dabs, Grotesque – Think Dirt (Red Light Records) – http://soundcloud.com/red-light-records/sets/rldig011-dabs-lockdown-coming/

A trifle out of this week’s line is the production-wise not entirely elaborate, nevertheless fat and varied Stink Bug EP, handcrafted by sloppy magician Paul David, who performs his tricks to the point you actually see the magic blazing through the mist of illusion. Man O War for instance may be considered such a prototypical adventure ride in a dirty space shuttle, right across drum&bass’ microcosm and back, seamed with the hints of the master choreograph that refrains to dance out his steps – as well as the best track on the EP. But there is indeed something to every song: the opening title Bracket does comfort its listeners with a Batman-style introitus-choir and Colgate-style bass-squeezing; Stink Bug itself embraces with its glacial waves upon a simply, junglistic carpet of groove; and even Unfinished Bizness (that bass-wise reminds of Telemetrik’s masterpiece Cosmos) is -although a bit monotonous and rather unfinished (-get it?)- an agreeable cake-flight.

Paul David – Stink Bug EP (Skunk Butter Records) – http://soundcloud.com/skunkbutterrecords/sets/stink-bug-ep-paul-david/

Telemetrik – Cosmos (Black Sun Empire Recordings) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQAd1nQQHxg

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    • I stumbled upon him through the usual procedure of listening to everything I could find, and since it’s quality music I felt obliged to feature. And I think there is a lot more to expect from this guy…

    • You may certainly post the blog on your website, in fact I’d be honoured if you do so. I can, however, not agree to a banner swap with labels, promoters or similar entities, for the critical autonomy of this medium must remain unspoiled (hope you understand that). But keep up the good work, and you’ll get your features anyway!

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