Mefjus – Double Tap EP : Resistance is fertile

Just so you know: I like Mefjus. I admire the transparency in his productions and I trust him as one of the few really trustworthy DJs. Not always outstanding in his releases, he deservedly reserved his place among the avant-garde of sound forgery with the Neodigital release of Far Too Close / Distantia, and has delivered quality music ever since. Yet there is this persistence, with which he seems to hold on to his sound. Don’t get me wrong, one: There is nothing more important than the creation of one’s own sound and style (which he definitely has managed to do); but all the brightest stars of drum&bass’ night sky –like Noisia, Phace & Misanthrop, Octane & DLR, and even Ed Rush or Calyx & Teebee if you will- do combine their very own expression with a constant search for new worlds and the unknown. Yet Mefjus’ universe does at times seem a little narrow, and his new Double Tap EP is not exactly an exception. Don’t get me wrong, two: it is not a bad EP, au contraire: The typical tidiness (clinical), perfection and rigor rule banging drums, electrifying sci-fi-sounds, fat basses and a quantum of the Lost-in-Space atmospheric trademark; and everyone in favor of for example Neosignal’s From Deep Space album will love this EP. Just give it two minutes and you will feel the utter coziness of being beaten up by a Borg yourself. Besides that general sensation, the opening Double Tap is a masterpiece of composition and constitutes with its subtly interwoven structure a suspension curve of almost epic proportions. Same accounts for the upcoming Bilateral, a surprisingly funky tune, abundant in rhythmical variations and thrillingly patterned. Again the same accounts for the upcoming Dogs & Frogs, while -and that’s my point- it gets tougher and tougher to distinguish between the different facets of the same point of view; and as Dogs & Frogs uses the same repetitive trick for its reprise (when reentering after the mid-breakdown) that Double Tap used before that (and Distantia before that), this in all actuality superior track is finally degraded to some ‘same old story’-thing, solely due to its acoustic neighborhood and at this point obvious lack of perspective. ‘Double tap’ does indeed describe the procedure of hitting one target with two consecutive shots, but the third burst simply doesn’t catch the attention anymore.

With the final track, a remix of Wintermute’s Out of Scale, the prevalent straightness turns dull. Not only is Mefjus merely coating the original in his own sound -as opposed to truly adding new facets-, he more or less completely relies on the song’s one characteristic, the one central ascending bass note. This of course is enough to make the masses go crazy, and as even their nasal wings vibrate in this abundance of frequency, I have to ask: what is there really to this hypercompressed sausage of bass, that completely lacks definition and is merely a concession to the people’s eternal credo of More is More? Yes, it is thick and all-engulfing, but loudness and corpulence alone do not and will never suffice to form a good track. Unfortunately, Mefjus thus abandoned the possibility of suggesting new spheres with the EP’s final track, and it is once more written in the stars if he shall burrow himself on this planet or attempt another journey. Yet there is no doubt of his ability…

So, with the exception of the –to me unintelligible- final track, one may implicitly recommend any of the remaining. But since each stands a bit in the other’s way, make sure to get them one by one, and allow enough time between listening. As to Mefjus himself, he should a) either consider going back to releasing two-track-EPs, or b) after the success of his current sound-setting think about the one to come. We, however, can only wish him success.

Mefjus – Double Tap EP (Trust in Music) –

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