2012/39 (II) : Skeptic’s autodafé

The reasonable custom of releasing on a Monday leaves the officious DJ with a few days to get to know and handle his new acquisitions, before his thorough consideration declares them apt to be unleashed upon a crowd. A Friday’s release subverts this habit, exclaiming its readiness while omitting its testing time. So to make sure nothing goes wrong with this weekend’s new music, I just had to convene a second weekly, completely unscheduled Subsphere session. Besides that, next Monday is so stuffed with fine new music, that I just couldn’t ask of the reader to deal with my whole week’s formulations in toto on the anyhow hardest day of the week.

Hidden in the incospicousness of Tuesday, Deafmuted Records has released the Skepticism EP by Czech DJ/producer Tom SMall. We may assume the M to signify Microfunk, for it contains 3 highly deep tracks as well as one slightly neurologic remix by Psyek, all convincingly minimal in the style they combine outer-space-bass-constructs with crystal drum installations. Despite the alleged laid-back-feel, the compositions do invoke outstanding depth and drive, which one would -in the face of the material’s comprehensibility- find hardly believable. Everyone with a slight feel of rejection towards modern music’s baroque flood of frequency should grab this EP – for the benefit of not only oneself but one’s acoustic environment too.

Tom SMall – Skepticism EP (Deafmuted Records) – http://soundcloud.com/tom-small/sets/deafmuted-recs/

The second issue on this unforseen blog’s agenda is the utterly interesting Relics 2 EP by Indidjinous and some of his colleagues; a record, however, that I cannot recommend unconditionally. But if someone wishes to get confused but good, to go face to face with the weirdest of sounds, and is not bothered by slightly junglish aesthetics of production; further likes repetitive, fringy basses, psychotic reverberation cells and occasional nostalgic moments, then he/she shall find a truly fulfilling rollercoaster ride through hell on the six tracks of this EP.

Indidjinous, CJ Weaver, Ibunshi, Noistekk – Relics 2 (Omni Music) – http://soundcloud.com/eschatonmusic/indidjinous-relics-volume-2

If a piece of music starts with reverberant cymbals upon rudiments of Tanpura in profoundly weird spheres, it doesn’t necessarily has to be meditational: It could just as well be Emperor’s new attempt of world improvement and rave optimization. The difference becomes evident after about 45 seconds – if you feel yourself slipping in a state of trance or deep sleep, the new Neodigital output was obviously misplaced by the new Music for Cats & Friends, Vol.5; if you should, however, find yourself jumping around in your room, tramway, club, wherever, it has got to be The Fire, a dangerously inflammable and extremely sparking piece of music. The Halifaxian Kaiser (as my monarchistic part must put it) has stripped himself from all reserve and awe, and delivers an in every respect inexorable program: straight and break’d from the groove-point of view, he somewhat combines Gabba’s urge with Noisia’s fine-tuning, while centering the grumbling buzz-bass within one of the most vivid and organic soundscapes of today, making sure  The Fire truly lives up to its name.

More controlled (or reserved) is the b-side, consequently entitled Smokescreen, and more of a reminder to past monoliths than the flipside’s conflagration. Yet the track with its two-bar pattern and occasional ‘Funk!’-interjection is quite nice: funky, and thoroughly soaked with the entertaining folly that can for instance put a didgeridoo in Neurofunk’s dress, and all that without severe ethnological objections. To me, though, Smokescreen remains behind The Fire mainly because there is a slight chance of boredom within the at times monotonous repetition of only two bars, despite all the detailed work and love that flows within the composition. But even if the EP contains only one-and-a-half masterpiece, it is still among the very best there is to get, and widely reinforces Emperor’s position as one of the biggest hopes for the future of our bassy universe.

Emperor – The Fire / Smokescreen (Neodigital) – http://soundcloud.com/neosignal/sets/ndgtl004/

Music for Cats & Friends – http://www.petsandmusic.com/

Sometimes a second weekly update: http://www.facebook.com/Subsphere


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