2012/40 : Mind Killers, Brain Thrillers & Once-in-a-lifetime-moments (english)

In the past few days, I have encountered a lot of doubt concerning the legitimation of my criticism, a lot of wondering why to believe my judgment. I hope, that I have earned the trust of at least some with my writing; for the others I have now reluctantly added some information about myself and my ‘qualification’ into the Subsphere?-section of this page. I do not believe that certificates and titles really weight in evaluating the work of a person, as it is only the outcome that counts for me, and not whose outcome. But maybe one or another will take a more favourable stand when they see, that my commitment regarding the matter -drum & bass- is sincere and consistent.
Yet in case of doubt, I can only advice not to trust me, and get a picture of your own.

Before we now start into this week’s turmoil of waves, I’d like to mention that the splendid Versus EP by Ulterior Motive is now available in all common stores (review: https://subsphereblog.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/201239-of-briars-and-buds/), so there is no excuse any more for not going after it.

Ulterior Motive (feat. Lenzman, Hybris, FD, Krakota) – Versus EP (Subtitles Music) – http://soundcloud.com/ulterior-motive-uk/ulterior-motive-versus-ep

That said, we can turn to our category Neurofunk to go with a clean conscience, although it spans all kinds of funk today. We begin with the wondrously microtic and deep new output by Sofia-based producer Robustus. The two tracks captivate with the clarity of their utterly defined, fine production, which leaves lots of space for sub-pressure and entertains with manifold and brisk layers of sound. While Water Beast with its figurative richness constantly urges forward, its counterpart No Despair engages in a coy lean-back move and ultimately snaps forward with the end of every bass-phrase. Friends of a minimalistic vibe with style as well as those, who listen close, should really consider this EP.

Robustus – Water Beast / No Despair (IM:LTD) – http://soundcloud.com/robustus/sets/no-despair-water-beast/

All alone stands the Slam Dunk-remix by InsideInfo (a miserable basketball player by his own account) before us, and Paul Bondy has truly turned Specimen A’s Dubstep track into a whip of groove, and probably since Bodyrock there has not been such a lash in the aether. InsideInfo’s typical, direct approach outright foregrounds the stirring rhythm of his electrifying synths, while entrusting the rocky substructure of his groove-machinery to deliver the rest. And it seems to me a mere question of time until we have the ’20.000 people goin outta their minds…’

Specimen A – Slam Dunk (InsideInfo Remix, Funkatech Records) – http://soundcloud.com/insideinfo/specimen-a-slam-dunk

The track with the greatest Go-aspect of our To go-section is of course the eagerly awaited Killer Driller by AMIT, a piece of prototypical parade music for science-fiction cowboys, as well as the biggest balancing act between simplicity and genius since the invention of half-time. And in all actuality it puzzles me, how this mixture of only two bars of bass (in quarter notes!), one bar of drums, a little Doors-atmosphere and two melody-sounds can come alive so well -not to forget the world’s cheapest speech-sample. But AMIT impressively demonstrates that it is all about the cook and not the ingredients: the blend is just perfect, hitting every nerve still spared by Tarantino; and with the atmosphere being so formidably wicked, so delicately dirty, it is virtually impossible to not get carried away by this tune.

It is obvious that the b-side can’t keep that up, but one must say that Color Blind feat. Rani with its slightly oriental melody is indeed a fine completion of the package, enjoyably raising a similar 1967-atmosphere (to my special delight). Besides that, the reese-bass is so consistent, that one might go for a walk upon it. So even if this track doesn’t turn out as thrilling as it might have been, I can still highly recommend this EP.

AMIT – Killer Driller / Color Blind ft. Rani (Metalheadz) – http://soundcloud.com/amitmusic/amit-killer-drillerhttp://soundcloud.com/amitmusic/amit-ft-rani-untitled

Contrary to the tendency of this blog, I’d like to introduce the track Injustice here, the new collaboration of Sabre and Riya, and very likely the finest softporn-soundtrack since SpectraSoul’s Light in the Dark (feat. Terri Walker). According to its structure, the composition is much closer related to a pop song than to an average DnB-track, but the foundation grooves softly and crisply, the vocals are sublime, and the tender piano-arpeggios reverberate subtly and are yet pleasantly disparate from the usual harmonic suspects. I personally find the b-side a bit too R’n’B to be able to handle it, but I figure that fans of the genre may dig it as well, as it seems no lesser fine piece of art.

Sabre & Riya – Injustice; Foreign Concept & Riya – Affliction (Critical Music) – http://soundcloud.com/critical-music/sets/sabre-riya-injustice-foreign/

Likewise filled with emotion -though of a different kind- is this week’s review’s conclusion, The Cognition EP of English producer D-Pression. The record takes us through varied and abysmal acoustic spheres, and evolves a heavy heartedness that fortunately never surrenders to kitsch. The four tracks range from trancy (Cheat) to jungle-funky (Midas), and from deep (March) to driving (3rd Trimester), and often live up to the dichotomy of emotional build-up and bass-laden main parts, that remind me of the setup of some old jungle tracks (though not only): It feels a bit as if D-Pression managed to take this formula to the next century, and the latent autumnal atmosphere, fine production and even in its diversity still integral coherence would make this EP a formidable EP of the Week. Pity, we still do not award this title.

D-Pression – The Cognition EP (Roll The Drums Recordings) – http://soundcloud.com/d-pression-1/sets/the-conception-ep/

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