2012/44 : Triad

Our relatively thin programme today starts off with a new single from Xtrah, who via Critical Music furnishes us with two new perspectives on modern bass music. Accordingly, Soundclash and Discordance are relatively experimental accumulations of outbursts, that some may find a little harder to access: They base on a solid foundation of bass, but interlace with loosely contextual sound surprises and structural novelties. But don’t panic, that sounds a lot weirder now than it actually is. For it is indeed still Xtrah, the trustworthy, who’s collaging, and thus both tracks provide enough depth to scare off any non-swimmers; and especially Soundclash (that reminds of Octane & DLR’s Set Up The Set) is a formidable case study of the subbass-bulldozer correlation. And if you go in deep enough you might actually dig the dogs in the video too.

Xtrah – Soundclash / Discordance (Critical Music)

There’s some new stuff too from Spain’s most talented bass tamer Larrge, who recently domesticated another two of those specimen: The first, Antidott, is an illustration of how much detail one can load upon a simple groove without breaking it; the second, Sequence, a joyous game with sounds, rooms and their perception upon basic bedrock. Hence Larrge continues on his path, and though not just a few might initially feel the weight of the effort, that it takes to get inside this music, weight heavy on their shoulders, this Atlas-task indeed displays the twin being of this sound, that works both for the passive and active approach, as it is the sheer sonic definition of subtlety. Yet once overcome, one quickly comes round in the very core of these acoustic spaces, and ultimately hears: this effort was worth it.

Larrge – Antidott / Sequence (Future Funk Music)

The obligatory Single of the Week-medal today is virtually pinned to Escher’s hopefully pride-swollen chest, awarded for merits in cinematic suspense and dense atmosphere when telling his two tales of a long distant future. Consequently, the appropriately entitled Rugged is more than a mere revival of breakbeat’s enshrouded spirit, but crafts a viscose mass of timeless retro and modern methods, a slightly fuzzy yet hypnotic amalgam of bassy lumps with a broken drum-melody and a delicately dirty scenery of sounds, ranging somewhere from locust swarm to robot string orchestra. No less hypnotic is the flip, Late Snare, that especially with its mammoth-style synth-atmospheres (too hairy for elephants) reminds of epic Dom & Roland classics -soundwise not far from them either- and has its jovial leviathan of a bass stomp down everything in its way – with style, naturally. ‘This is art’ is what Goldie allegedly said about this release; and I don’t think that there is anything to add.

Escher – Rugged / Late Snare (Narrative Music)

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