2012/45 : Diligent and dutty

I apologize for the non-appearance of the German issue this week (as well as for all the occurring delays), I simply couldn’t afford the time. Next week -as always- things shall be back to normal.

We start this revue with the return of Neurofunk to go, more precisely with Dutty Audio’s new remix EP that combines new versions of Optiv & BTK’s Whatever and Drop It with Borderline’s Thinker. Mefjus has been assigned to take Whatever unto the next level of space age, and -despite sticking to his sound stetting once more- he does that more than properly. Optiv’s remix of his associate’s Drop It is likewise rolling with that same old energy, thumping drums and nagging bass beings. And Teknik’s remix of Thinker is an effective offspring of old school Neurofunk, crisp as a curb and -forgive me- thick as a brick.

Mefjus, Optiv, Teknik, Optiv, Borderline – VA Remixes 2 (Dutty Audio)

Appropriate appellatives are widely spread in a field as picturesque as ours, yet sometimes one stumbles upon a titling that expresses more than the superficial impact. Konichi’s Stubborn EP is such a rare case, and seldom have I heard something as stubborn as this, and hardly have I experienced such fascination as in following the wayward weirdness of these four tracks. The 19 year old producer from Cheltenham seamlessly incorporates seemingly any sound at hand, drawing from the widest possible range and thereby exceeding most borders of genre, tradition and sometimes what the elders referred to as taste. Accordingly, the compositions incorporate a strong arbitrary character, but never really go completely off balance; the tracks propose a rather obstinate view, but never go beyond comprehension. Probably the only sure thing is that one will either love or hate this EP – and I guess that’s a pretty good achievement on its own. But its distinct individual character, opposing just about every conformity of modern day mass bass music production, makes an approach definitely worth the while.

Konichi – Stubborn EP (Hangar Records)

On the deep end of the spectrum, IM:LTD issues two of the most convincing micrological tunes of the week, Foregna and Scale by Murmansk based producer Paiton. Both are obviously techy oriented doses of subbass, wrapped around a crisp fabric of breaks and sounds, and engaging in the progressive art of hypnosis. If you can take some more bass, go for them.

Paiton – Foregna / Scale (IM:LTD)

This week’s Single of the Week award is split among five producers, and mainly credited to Break, Fields, Mako and Villem for their long and eagerly awaited Dilligence; an epic tune that can be seen as reminiscence to Dillinja, though  I’d rather regard it as a successor to the classic works of the amazing guy with the hat. Thus the track takes its time to spread and widen during the extensive introduction, laden with walls of indulgent, analogue synth and the one or other vocal (yep, Break’s aboard). But when the drums finally break free from their lowpass-filter they really start to tear down da whole place. Frantic rhythms attempt to bash the brutal bass to fuzzy pieces, but this thugged out prancing fellow deals well with the assaults, and they end up in a fine rollercoaster-style chase duet, covering all kinds of space from fringy highs to hollow mids to deadly deep subs. The production too exemplifies the art of control this fabulous quartet has achieved throughout the years, and I conclude that there is just no getting around this one.
On the flipside of things we find Getz’s My Soul and quickly learn that it is on fire, for the woman in stereo just won’t shut up about it. But since the voice and its treatment brings back memories of the ecstatic Robert Plant getting lost in effects (not only), something in my heart tells me it’s ok. The rest of the song is very much based on gently moving deep bass, driven by simple drums with a distinct electronic flavour to them. Not exactly a masterpiece, but not bad track either, My Soul remains in the shade of the colossal Dilligence but subtly smoothes its concussions, and hence makes the package all the more complete.

Break, Fields, Mako, Villem – Dilligence / Getz – My Soul (Utopia Music)

Further listening: Dillinja – Acid Track (Valve Recordings, 1997)

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