2012/46 : A grail?

The quest for the almighty Bassline Secret is definitely the one for the holy grail for every producer, and thus it is my divine duty to herald that the A side of LoKo’s new single -which bears that very name- is but a tale of its quest, and not the revelation itself. But don’t bother, for the handed panopticon of bass figures and savourly munching drums is more than a mere adventure story from low frequency wonderland, and truly worth an offering at the altar of the three wise lowlanders. In its own way, the flipside of Program’s fourth release is no less mystical, but more importantly, Shadows too is replete with groove. And you don’t catch a bass in an Aston Martin everyday.

LoKo – Bassline Secret / Shadows (Program Recordings) – http://soundcloud.com/dj-loko/sets/loko-bassline-secret-shadows/

Noisia’s Special Super Mega Cyber Bassline Secret 2000 Mark 3 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwjO1c8TfhE

Cold Black Winter is the opening track of Future Roots’ new In The Name Of EP, and the fact that he chose Neve (engl. snow) as partner for this initially epic and progressively crazy revelry of ruckus speaks volumes about the taste of the young DJ and visionary from Italy. Microfunk for the next generation of infomaniacs and monotonophobics is the principle that also the subsequent three tracks follow, of which especially Keep Calm (feat. Am:x) stands out as magnificent tune in every respect. However, thick basses, tight atmospheres and a bunch of rhythmical tricks may be witnessed over the entire length of the EP.

Future Roots feat. Neve, Am:x,- In The Name Of EP (Modulate Recordings) –  http://soundcloud.com/futurerootz/sets/future-roots-in-the-name-of-ep/

Similar sound overkill is presented by Moscow based producer Asphexia, although his Angry Toys EP rather leans towards fuzzy and overtone-laden Neurofunk frenzy. Particularly in terms of melody the four tracks are outstanding, fusing modern, massive basses with relatively aggressive (or let’s say distinct) drums and a sometimes kind of oriental, always incredibly agitated and -as mentioned- bonkers melodics. For a first acquaintance I recommend Just For Move; a track that gently disassembles a Barbie voice into its atoms and thoroughly demonstrates the described attributes. Yet be warned: Those in favour of control and overview might find this record a little hard to assimilate; everyone, however, sticking with the Joker in lieu of Batman will eventually love this work.

Asphexia – Angry Toys EP (Close 2 Death Recordings) – http://soundcloud.com/asphexia/sets/close2death-recordings-angry/

Downright civilised appears the new Borderline EP The Borderline EP, offering quadruple crisp and fuzzy bass over fluffy drums, and ranging from minimalistic goosestep (Meteorite) to rocking twostep with nice Ed Rush resemblance (Wise Guy). The rather unspectacular Turn Over and a straight and almost trance remix of the New Zealander’s collab with Hooves, Rockhop by State of Mind, complete the package and round off this somehow just pleasant EP.

Borderline feat. Menace, Hooves, State of Mind – The Borderline EP (SOM Music) – http://soundcloud.com/borderline-nz/sets/the-borderline-ep-som-music/

Today’s special award for crispness goes to Dub Motion and his new single Lucifer, which shares the emotional qualities with an iceberg and displays less mercy than the global warming as its energetically lamenting bass figure attempts to wipe out the floor. The crunchpoint is the sound, whose balance and pressure even make one forget the latent structural deficits. The same accounts for the second track in league, Red Stripe, whose most prominent attribute appears to be its sub, with the tube mid bass swimming on top of it. In itself likewise based around a simple riff, Red Stripe builds up an epic arrangement that with the regular psychotic punctuations ultimately becomes a road roller joyride through limbo. So if anyone is still in search for a soundtrack for his/her dominical reading of Dante, this single will fit the tercets just fine. The rest of us will hear these tunes  the night before anyway.

Dub Motion – Lucifer / Red Stripe (Regal Records) – http://soundcloud.com/regalrecords/sets/reg009-dub-motion-1/

Last but not least we shall celebrate the birth of a new label, with which Chemical Ally wishes to make his modest contribution to a better sounding world: Rooted Recordings. The debut single takes on this weary yet laudable endeavour and starts with Spirit’s remix Imagination Of Yourself, originally manufactured by the boss himself and Lady Flava and apparently old school with its straight drums, reese basses and simple melodic layout. But roots it shall be, and the mere fact that the sound is not entirely up to date does neither compromise a track nor spoil its drive – monotony does. But just as it gets critical, Fade comes to the rescue with Insider, and that track is kind of a modern version of Kemal’s classic Bleed. Kind of, mind that, don’t let the expectation kill it now, for its unpretentious and funky rhythm and steady rolling bass amass to more than mere resemblance. Digital consumers get to enjoy a bonus track, 2 Sides’ linear True Skull; however, vinyl freaks will quickly learn to live without this track. Altogether a so-so label debut if it wasn’t for Fade; but as long as this guy keeps up his attempts to turn Kiev into the new London, things are not so bad.

Chemical Ally, Lady Flava – Imagination of Yourself (Spirit Remix) /Fade – Insider /2 Sides – True Skull (Rooted Recordings) – http://soundcloud.com/rooted-recordings/chemical-ally-lady-flava-1http://soundcloud.com/rooted-recordings/fade-insider-rooted001http://soundcloud.com/rooted-recordings/2sides-true-skull-rooted001

Kemal – Bleed (Negative Recordings, 2000) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va6P8Va9Njc

Procrastination, but with love: http://www.facebook.com/Subsphere


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