2012/47 : Natural selection

What’s the best use of dubstep? ‘Remix it’ is what some might think now, and that’s probably what Noah D had in mind when he took Son of Kick’s contemporary underscoring of a Sylvester & Tweety cartoon EOW and put it into a rather junglistic outfit. The result is an incredibly entertaining tune, that lives on its alleged abundance of elements and musical overkill: the pushed Foreign Beggars, the stylish old school breaks with their crash-laden fills, the creaky basses and whistling background sounds, even the structure of this madness – everything is soaked with a looney liberty that’s neither mincing matters nor sparing synths. But that might just be the reason, why these four minutes (with ideas and details for an entire EP) breathe the very essence of groove so naturally.

Son of Kick feat. Virus Syndicate, Foreign Beggars – EOW (Noah D Remix, SMOG) – https://soundcloud.com/sonofkick/eow-ft-virus-syndicate

Sylvester & Tweety ‘Gift Wrapped’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ6rzWWw9kc#t=3m05s

For all longing connoisseurs of dutty Neurofunk there’s remedy from Kiev, that thus takes another step towards becoming the new London: Taras Sydorhevsky alias Tanas presents us with two overdrive-oozing and thoroughly enthralling products of his DAW, and especially the (sadly) not even three minutes long Thinking About (with some rather intrusive -yet strictly non-pornophonic- vocals coming along on top) is an orgy of full-bodiedly thumping drums and succulent bass that -with the exception of the vocals of course- could very likely have appeared on an older Vision single. The somewhat antithetic and almost classical flip End of Eternity too shares the drive and raw energy of the mid-noughties, and with it returns the fascination of the blessed Spor for instance -with whom Tanas also shares his midrange-treatment-, even though the tempo is much higher now. But I guess that’s the way things go; and while some seek their salvation in the deep, and others turn to utterly different pastures, Tanas opposes the new Biedermeier of sound with his techstep-Vormärz and electronic punk. The Subsphere Central Comitee, however, has chosen to award this brute feast with the Single of the Week medal – may Tanas’ booming example shine a light on uniform bass music and conformist sound fads in these dark days.

Tanas – Thinking About / End Of Eternity (Brain Network Recordings) – https://soundcloud.com/brainnetwork/tanas-thinking-about-outhttps://soundcloud.com/brainnetwork/tanas-end-of-eternity-out

The musical Congress of Vienna – http://www.facebook.com/Subsphere


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