2012/48 : Thoughts with a certain sound (english)

The earlier the morning, the deeper the bass; and as early as it was when I went over this week’s shortlist -torn between my Kipferl and Melange- I couldn’t help but liking Thing’s new single. Though despite the latent monotony the two tracks radiate with their utterly laid back half (or should I say quarter?) time feel, there’s just enough going on to prevent me drifting back into slumberland, and regardless of their unspectacular structure the tracks emit a dreamy vibe that -upon a massive, cuddly layer of subbass- shimmers through the spacy jazz-chords and thick wreaths of smoke. The party faction, however, will still be lacking appreciation; but those in search of the perfect accompaniment for a Sunday bass brunch may consider their quest fulfilled.

Thing – Guitar Riddim / Roots Rhodes (Dubthing Recordings) – https://soundcloud.com/dubthingrecords/sets/guitar-riddim-roots-rhodes

If that’s too neat and clear for you, maybe we can ignite your flame of interest with the new nervous works of Konichi, who serves us two singles this week – of which we discreetly dismiss one right away. Anyway, the other initially follows the Ancient Recipe of equilibrated disparity between neurotic drums (especially the bass drum is rather capricious and tends towards rioting) and one of these basses that sound like musically trimmed fax machines (‘fax bass’). Afterwards the allegedly autobiographical Midi Man endeavours to re-establish the balance, and turns out a kind of modern Super Mario ghost house music (Bludclot Artattack remains unbeaten in that respect) that in time unfolds its true qualities with the groove it continually amasses. Thus Konichi perkily continues the story of his -in the Freudian way- Couchfunk, and I am eager for the sequel.

Konichi – Ancient Recipe / Midi Man (OTB Recordings) – https://soundcloud.com/scott24/ancient-recipehttps://soundcloud.com/otbshow/konichi-midi-man-clip-pre

Ed Rush – Bludclot Artattack (No U-Turn, 1993) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEsJOIS2-tI

More than 28 years have now passed since Davyd Lynch’s screening of Dune, and one of the reasons why blue-eyed Paul’s story is still prominent particularly among drum & bass heads might be the considerable loot of speech samples the science fiction musical provides. The latest example of this is Mej’s Arrakis EP, which offers with Return to Arrakis this week’s and my opinion’s finest tune. Retun to Arrakis touches a sensitive analogue point, and due to its complex juxtaposition of sounds and old school breaks it amounts to a kind of cinematic journey, an audio play, instead of simply pursuing some popular floor scheme. Its remix too, crafted by Cryogenics, isn’t exactly a commonplace dance track either: a subtly woven fabric of underwater atmosphere, fragile percussion and mysteriously swelling and decaying sounds is set upon a minimalistic loop, which gradually establishes a hypnotic timelessness similar to the original. I hate to say, but the rest of the EP (2 songs) is rather disappointing, as it tries to incorporate Mej’s mystic oddity into pretty transparent liquid patterns and somewhat lacks the feel of balance and marvel that shapes the twin planets of Arrakis. But as we are in a pretty picky digital age, just pick the cherries and never mind the rest.

Mej, Cryogenics – Arrakis EP (Audio Theory Records) – https://soundcloud.com/m_ej/return-to-arrakishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Y-yTtGxYQ

‘Salvador Dali-flow’ is what Billion, Codebreaker and Sense claim for and with their new single Defence, but frankly I can’t even see the slightest parallels between the tracks spectrogram and the brushwork of the true master of Movember. Yet if one subtracts the pathologically megalomaniac (-as opposed to healthy hybris-) attribute, there is no way of denying the track its distinct flow. Indeed, driven by crispy drums, Defence brays some sawtooths in the aether – not to mention the mighty rolling sub. Kindly, Skeptical’s very own defensive strategy is enclosed on the flip, and it’s not very surrealistic either: deepness and minimalism are the core elements of the remix that considerably relies on the force of its foundation and often comes dangerously close to the abyss of boredom. But wondrous as it may seem, it never falls; and reports are amassing of sceptics turning over to homeopathy after witnessing the untraceable power of Skeptical’s edits and his C 12-fills. Naturally, the unteachables will say that it’s only a matter of conviction. Yet when it comes to good music, even I am prepared to speak the rare words: I believe.

Billion feat. Codebreaker & Sense – Defence / Defence (Skeptical Remix; Alignment Records) – https://soundcloud.com/stholdings/billion-ft-codebreaker-and

The conclusion of today’s revue is marked by the freshly bred Upper Austrian joint work from Mefjus and M-Force, Abandon and Struggle & Pain. The former is another take on Mefjus’ typical sound and thus another turn in the notorious star circle: nothing new on a high level. Struggle & Pain however takes the listener to unfamiliarly subtle sound sceneries, whose sublime melancholic touch blend with the staccato-synths to a meaningful and profound mass. Now and then the track would have benefitted from a little more detail work as some passages appear a bit empty and the integral cohesion of sounds is not always guaranteed. But it is still beautiful.

Mefjus & M-Force – Abandon / Struggle & Pain (Breed 12 Inches) – https://soundcloud.com/breed12inches/sets/brd012

Bass breakfasts and drum dinners: http://www.facebook.com/Subsphere


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