2013/12 : Critical

Unable to find the music I would have known to be looking for when I had found it last week and on the edge of drafting another pamphlet about the utmost eternal truth of my personal system of beliefs and stuff, I somehow came to think of the musically sometimes rather strange, in any case less fruitful times of the past: Back in the 1800s for example, people that liked symphonies often had to wait years before new quality stuff was released. Of course there were exceptions, like the night when Beethoven’s Fifth and Sixth Symphony premiered together; and what a glorious night for the early 19th century rave culture indeed. But frankly, a package the likes of Mefjus’ new creations Signalz and Cypher would even have goold old Ludwig van quickly forget about all those instruments and sonata forms he couldn’t hear anyway and let go in the feel of their almighty vibrant subbass pulsations.

‘Mefjus – Everytime you pronounce his name wrong, a little fairy dies.’ (InsideInfo)

So the Austrian producer and ray of hope for the sonic universe has done it again and repays the chance for releasing on Critical -renowned supplier of quality music- with two genuine masterpieces. Signalz is a fast paced space rush, based upon seductive sub wobbles, crisp and enjoyably light drums along tons of sounds and edits that make this next level tune absolutely superior in terms of composition and structure too. The only problem that comes up when the 5 minutes have passed (‘Already? How can this be?’) is the inevitable decision if to reset the track and undertake this voyage again, or progress to Cypher, the featured collaboration with label-boss Kasra. If you decide to do so, you will encounter an absolute heavyweight of a track, where scattered sound shards race around underwater bassscapes marching to the steady backbeat. With style, I may add.

So given the choice between 1808 and 2013 I think one need not really think about it. Needless to say that Beethoven didn’t even compress.

Mefjus – Signalz / Mefjus, Kasra – Cypher (Critical Music)

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