2013/16 : Clockwork

We’ll start this revue straightaway where we left the last one with that big and bad bass vibes sounding from the past: Today it’s Fade who presents us with his contemporary interpretation of all-engulfing reece wickedness and disturbing synth stabs the likes of early BSE on the flip of Grindhou5e Audio’s newest release. And while Mr. Explicit’s a-side Fear No Distance is an unfortunately dull affair, Guerilla Radio is madness in the true sense of the word, its dirty and abysmal bass carrying you away like Arrakis did back in the days, its simple filtering effectively working as gatekeeper to some sonic Hades, every once in a while granting a peek into its fiery insides, and the drums marching in such wonderful barbaric fashion, it’s pure pleasure being bashed by the kicks and torn by the fills of this massive bulk of sound.

Fade – Guerilla Radio (Grindhou5e Audio)

Hailing from Bordeaux, equipped with a genuine taste for subtle subs and tender grooves and issued by French forefront label IM:Ltd we also have Gerwin today, who presents another two of his soulful and deep air sculptures much to my acclaim. Against the Clock offers way more than just a very appealing title and continually seems to grow with every outbreak of its vivid percussions and spooky mids. Careful though, an overdose of the track might eventually lead to severe James Brown-syndrome, and relentlessly barking Ha! you might find the small talk at the sausage counter increasingly alienating; with the right hair-do (optional) and subwoofer (essential) however even that is negligible. The flip See Thru My Eyes is all about the delicate vibe its resonating bass carefully establishes on a dreamy base of angel breeze; and even though its benignity is sometimes broken by little outbursts of malice and vehemence, the look through Gerwin’s eyes above all remains solemn and beautiful.

Gerwin – Against the Clock / See Thru My Eyes (IM:Ltd)


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