2013/17 : Going Deeper

Today I’ve got a rather blazing discovery to share with you: Antwerpen based producer Jago Gyselinck alias HYQXYZ presents his debut on Dissected Culture, and though it might be hard at first I definitely advice you to memorize the name. The first track on this highly energetic single is a collab with fellow Belgian Ghost Notes entitled Facebreaker and mostly revolves around its electrifying bass, whose Aether-tearing qualities resemble the Upbeats’ recent Undertaker. And though one might opine that the intro and mid part could have been a trifle more vivid and diverse, the drop quickly unveils the indisputable qualities this single holds: HYQXYZ’s immense structural understanding and compositional skill, making this funky ride one of variety, progression and adventure. Pretty much the same accounts for the flip and solo venture The Beginning, only that this one rather pushes you into the floor from which its predecessor so smooth-staggeringly was attempting to lift you. I strongly recommend anyone looking for quality neurofunk with depth and sense to look no further and embrace this little revelation.

HYQXYZ, Ghost Notes – Facebreaker / The Beginning (Dissected Culture Ltd)

Delicious was the first word that actually came to my mind when I heard Xtrah’s new single, and even after a few days of continued listening I gladly stick with this verdict: the way he balances his mighty drums’ steady urge with that nagging bass and rich layers of weird sounds is simply unparalleled. Shock Treatment is the first course of this tender menu, and it thoroughly breathes that special Xtrah vibe, so smooth and gentle you want to throw yourself in, and yet driving and massive. Going Deeper too is thoroughly permeated with mystery, and its higher layers of mist delicately stir your reality while you are softly torn to shreds. But I fear words can still not say the ineffable, so just give in to your intent and jump right into this arcane mass of sound and subtlety: drowning has never been better.

Xtrah – Shock Treatment / Going Deeper (SGN:LTD)


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