2013/20 : Blunt

Sometimes it’s a matter of stating the obvious: there’s a new Mefjus and InsideInfo single out on Virus, and all the promises of the rare occasion of a collaboration of two producers of such high individual standards are widely kept. Now I’m quite sure that you most likely know all about it, so there’s really no point in telling how the incredible Mythos catapults you into those upper Austrian spheres of outer space were you’re almost instantly being acquainted with the rich growls of London’s urban basses. And even though it’s futile, let me tell ye how the enthralling groove slowly gives way to those hypnotic knocks that so fascinatingly engulf your perception while subtly overlaying the dirty rolling mass below.  So it’s old news, but methinks it needs be said once more: Mythos definitely is a masterpiece of its own. Needless to say that similar notions have certainly spread around the flipside Blunt, a massively marching piece of techy and yet tenderly pensive atmosphere revolving around the treatment of some female vocal shard and tons of creaky bass – to my ears and underbelly not quite as striking as Mythos but still outstanding in a great many respects. So if you’re looking to fatten your set or just to indulge your ears, furnish yourself with these two treats that so blazingly sail beneath Virus’ wafting banners – but I forgot, you already have. And righteously so!

Mefjus & InsideInfo – Mythos / Blunt (Virus Recordings)

Our second item of today is one you might not have already stumbled upon -at least I wouldn’t if I hadn’t-, and so all the more it pleases me to recommend you the sonic adventures of the Charleroi-based DJs/producers Seven Sig and Myosïs, united under the name of Glÿph (in case you want to do this at home, the ÿ is alt + 152). Their journey too is one of spaciness as you will quickly discover with Waltz On The Moon; and even though my musicological education compels me to inform you that a true waltz lacks the fourth beat, the connoisseur of bass music in me would gladly throw all that knowledge into dead space when set loose upon the satellite’s pallid surface to the rapid percussion-fly-bys, deep basses and general frenzy of this stop-motion soundscape. The flip Unhealthy starts off with a lush and despite its title still pretty moonish scape that soon descends into repetitive depths where bass drums pound, subs crumble and one or two extra layers of reverb make sure your acoustic merging with the world or planet of your choosing is soft and gentle. So if you like the works of Larrge or Ruffhouse for instance, or have recently detected a severe diving-passion but unfortunately despise water, this fine single might just have made your day.

Glÿph – Waltz On The Moon / Unhealthy (Proximity Recordings)

Further watching: Moon (Duncan Jones, 2009)


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