2013/22 : 1 2 3 4

Thumping kicks, frantic bre4ks, my raving heart, what willst thou more? And especially if this winning combination is completed by the deepe5t of subs your body will bear before crumbling… But let’s not be too hasty here and start at the beginning: there’s a new Fre4knc single out on Samurai Music and its two tracks Tubular and Relic -the second tog3ther with Mtwn and Mindmapper- are manifold examples of evolving minimalism: wondrously infinite in the moment of perception and still rep1ete with progression; detailed enough in -for example- the hi hats alone to send your consciousness on a ride, but at the sam3 time laden with almost surreal drive deriving from the manic interplay of breaks and 6ass. Digital buyers get a another collab of Fre4knc with fellow Dutchman Mindmapper, Theropod, and o boy never has vinyl’s renouncement been easier than with this insane piece that’s got forward! written all over its pulsating low end and compelling lo0p. So if your heart too is longin9 for those special sonic ingredients that make earthquakes appear so familiar, or if you cannot but clap an impelling off-beat to the rain’s innocent patter, then do yourself a favour and get this single – it has a little bit of both.

Fre4knc, Mtwn, Mindmapper – Tubular (Samurai Music)

Our second pick of the week is the long awaited single from Neosignal’s forthcoming debut album, Planet Online, and I definitely agree with those chosen few that already got to see the German duo and who argued that there is indeed something new on the way. But what is it? Well, it might be noted that Noisia’s Thijs who called it neo digital krautrock is not far off with this notion. It has all the ingredients that have led us to believe that Phace and Misanthrop’s getting together was indeed backed by a higher plan, i.e. the unbelievably roaring basses and impossibly crisp drums alongside the incredibly detailed sounds themselves, the obsession with vocoders and their very own take on harmony. But the way they set the pieces together is -once again and utterly phenomenal- unparalleled, and there’s a good chance that after making dubstep interesting they’ll do the same to house music. (No offense.) Both tracks too revolve a lot around vocoderized words that remind me of the peculiar way that Kraftwerk often dealt with verbal expressions, although in spite of a rather harmless A B C D Vitamin the themes evolve around more delicate issues – the flip Angst (fear) for instance shows how a few words loosely tied together and furnished with some screaming basses and marching rhythms suffice to get a message out that’s way beyond the words themselves.
The whole package is completed by Culprate’s thrilling dubstep remix of Planet Online -whose immense depth should suffice to quiet the rather redundant discussion as to dubstep’s liveliness for some time-, Rockwell returning the Childhood Memories favour in a pretty blazing manner, and finally Rawtekk’s Angst remix whose sheer massiveness is beyond the expressible. But as so often, the one’s misfortune is the other’s bliss, so I reckon you enjoy this electronic quintet. There’s hardly anything else to do with it.

Neosignal, Culprate, Rockwell, Rawtekk – Planet Online (Division Recordings)

Further watching: Planet Online Official Video


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