2013/24 : Supplemental

Though I try to listen to everything that comes out, occasionally something slips my weary ears; and frankly who would have thought that entombed at number 26 in Hospital’s Summer Drum & Bass 2013 compilation of bangers and bollocks (released June 3rd) a tune such as Photone Recruits was to be found? Certainly not me, otherwise you would have seen me dancing in the streets in rapture to the compelling drumwork, subtle scapes  and bass-laden wobbles of Rawtekk’s new masterpiece weeks ago. The producers -whom you should recently have encountered with their übermassive Angst remix for fellow Hamburg duo Neosignal- thus continue to whet the appetites for their forthcoming debut album on Med School, and furnish a superbly crafted piece that should not be missed in any set – bad enough I missed it.

Rawtekk – Photone Recruits (Hospital Records)

As to the present, you might want to try Dv2R’s newest single issued by Belarussian label You So Fat Records. Hailing from Russia’s capital and hiding all other information in an impenetrable veil of Cyrillic, Dv2R certainly enjoys a good groove as can be witnessed with the title track Restore that blends an uncompromising drive with some sci-fi bass action whilst unfortunately omitting a second part and thus ending up a trifle too repetitive over time. The flip goes by the name Uaaah and is quite funky -in a bashing kind of way- and rather playful, concerning the variety of its attempts to ground you to tiny pieces. I personally enjoy the B-part that comes in half-time most, and hereby solemnly crown it this week’s undisputed champion of head-nods and moshpits. If you’re looking for a sonic background to playing Counterstrike you’ll love the tunes no matter what; but even if not you just might feel a little sympathy arise.

Dv2R – Restore (You So Fat Records)


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