2013/25 : Catching Up

You remember Larrge, the ingenious sub-bass tamer from Sevilla whose entwined rhythmic convulsions and wicked bass work never failed to amaze the listener’s eager ears? He’s back again with his first output on Dirt, Lies and Audio, and even though it’s just one track, Nomad will not fail to make its impression: Unfamiliarly intense, but still with Larrge’s chopping precision, the Spanish surgeon’s neuro-drums relentlessly pound their way through this remarkable stop-motion chase of breaks and madness; and while the high speed sound shards hit you one by one, you’ll likely find yourself longing for something to hold on in this meteorite shower of bass. Well, good luck!

Larrge – Nomad (DLA Black)

Hailing from New Zealand, State of Mind engage in the audacious undertaking of introducing their fellow DJ/producer Incognito to the wider spheres of international low-end veneration; and I promise, after you’ve heard this EP you’ll not want him to disappear again. The four tracks -three original compositions and a blazing remix of State of Mind’s Nighttide– mostly captivate with their lush drums and basses that span the range from smoothly rolling to profoundly creaking, and leave no grain of doubt that the Nelson based sonic engineer knows his craft but well. But there’s more to this release than just a fine foundation: every tune compels with a subtle sense of progression and depth, be it more on a more ‘relaxed’ and mellow-scruffy side as in the opening Shuffle The Deck, or engaging in exploration of the almost hyperspatial sensations of motion in the cymbal-laden Secret Intelligence. So even though his appellative suggests otherwise, I strongly encourage you to take a second look: it’s definitely worth it.

Incognito, State of Mind – Introducing Incognito (SOM Music)


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