2013/26 : Exorcism?

You might have noticed that I lost a week somewhere and am now desperately trying to get back to the present. Anyway, last week was not exactly replete with outstanding releases: Apart from the obvious and to be honest a trifle disappointing new works from Enei and Klute -that I hereby recommend and omit- I gathered two EPs of a more brute sort. So if you’re not really a friend of sonic savagery I reckon you check back later this week when we shall take a look at some fresh and soothing tunes by Ruffhouse & Clarity as well as Spirant. If your sympathies however always laid more with Ivan Drago than with soft-cored hero prizefighter Rocky himself you’ll likely enjoy this yield.

Accordingly, we start today with The Exorcist EP, an assembly of three high speed neuro fantasies manufactured by St. Petersburg based producer Krot with a little help from fellow Russian Asphexia and issued by Overtech Recordings. The EP begins with its title track, and although I eye gunshots and screams in post-2000-edm-intros with scepticism, the drop more than compensates for these questionable proceedings. What follows is a rather stomping and sticky mass of bass and ruthless offbeats that rupture the air with the ease of a whip and the grace of a freight train – straight, heavy, steady. In terms of direction that pretty much counts for the upcoming Tramplin too, only that the bass is quite severed and floats round in the fringes of this tune that seems to say space and earth at the same time. The final track is called Forget the Future and is the most diverse and groovy of the triad, spiced with those occasional synths from a future long gone, nice breaks and an overall irresistible flow. So whatever your stance on exorcism or your vision of tomorrow may be, this EP is worth consideration.

Krot ft. Asphexia – The Exorcist EP (Overtech Recordings)

And there’s Mob Tactics, the British duo who share this week’s love for heavy beats, sticky basses and vodka, who with the Dead Man’s Hand EP issue four quality rollers on The Zooooo. The main protagonist here is what I try coining the squeeze bass ever since (obviously because it sounds like sound being pressed out of an enormous tube), and a very fine specimen I daresay it is, this finely combed gnarly little monster of a low end… Anyway, I’d primarily like to direct the listener’s attention towards the second track Them’s The Breaks, which in my opinion forms the EP’s centrepiece with its twisted melodies, tasty drum fills and weird aural fly-bys – a regular standout track. The rest’s not bad though, and neither Dead Man’s Hand nor Demonz nor Klepto fail to evoke a certain drive, and even if they contain fewer surprises than I would have hoped for, this EP should not go unnoticed.

Mob Tactics – Dead Man’s Hand EP (The Zooooo Records)


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