2013/27 : The Depths

We start today with the solemn bestowal of the single of the week award and the special medal for epicness too to Austrian producer Double Helix, whose second single on Deep Field Audio propels him into the premier league of neurofunk. ‘How so?’ you’ll undoubtedly ask, but before you whet your scepticism’s sword, go have a listen to Leviathan’s Phace-ish intro and see for yourself how the pads from the long gone future evolve into the main part’s nagging heavyweight bass procedures, and then witness how the two-bar monad twists and turns over the next four minutes or so until it finally resolves in a major halftime finale – if it wouldn’t bring up reminiscences of fat people yelping I’d certainly be compelled to call it a bass opera. On the flipside of things we find the form-wise more common Microgravity, and whenever you find an introduction as detailed as this you’re usually in for a treat. That’s exactly what’s happening here, for when the eerie atmosphere’s last scape gives way to the massive drops of drowning bass and crisp drums of one of this year’s finest tunes thus far, you’ll certainly want to invent some silly award yourself in honour of this outstanding production.

Double Helix – Leviathan / Microgravity (Deep Field Audio)

A little less midrange can be witnessed on today’s second item of interest, Scientia Music’s compilation of remixes from Kollectiv’s Carbon EP. And a rather illustrious compilation it is, thanks to the efforts of four of bass music’s finest studio inhabitants. The EP starts with Zero-T, who combines both Dog Eat Dog and Launch Pad into the sub laden, slightly laid-back and immensely grooving Dog Pad, just before Xtrah takes over with his take on Launch Pad, which is another quite deep, familiarly tender, subtly percussive and at times even dreamy tune, at least until the second part with its tearing basses kicks in. The third in the row is Chris SU who delivers a pretty intense and compelling -though occasionally a trifle arbitrary- version of the originally quite tame Memory Cypher, before DLR’s Cryllic remix rounds off the package in his typical playful way and with that unparalleled mixture of weird and sexy. So whether you enjoyed Kollectiv’s EP last year or not, if you’re into deeper sound with style and drive, I recommend you go for this quartet of remixes – it’s way more than just second-hand funk.

Kollectiv, Zero-T, Xtrah, Chris SU, DLR – Carbon Remixes (Scientia Music)

We continue in a deeper vein with Spirant’s new single on BMTM. Admittedly, the flip Alias Grace is a little lost on me with its feel-good reeses, dreamy piano delays and lack of progression in favour of static -if beautiful- vibe. It’s not a bad track though, and if you’ve got a secret passion for early Carl Craig (can be an overt passion too) or any of the named ingredients, I reckon you check it out. My main focus however lies on the masterful Redshift that ingeniously combines a tender yet profound emotion with a hypnotic one-note bass-line (one of those that you want to cuddle in) and some tightly interwoven percussion. The magic however derives from the timelessness that comes from the repetition and its seamless integration into the ever-changing harmonic background. Definitely one of the most pleasant sonic engulfments to be had nowadays.

Spirant – Redshift / Alias Grace (BMTM)

In a similar but tenser vein flow Ruffhouse’s recent collaborations with Clarity, Persecute and Asphasia. Issued by Critical’s sub-label Modulations, both tracks follow the classic Ruffhouse respectively Clarity doctrine of ever-intensifying steady build-ups, tons of background reverbs and delays, pulsing basses and thumping kicks. Timeless too as always in their make, the two compositions unravel their mysteries only in full context, and the bigger the better of course. So don’t bother yourself with short previews and excerpts, rather take your credit card out to meet their back catalogue, make a playlist and dive deep into the depths of this emerging artist’s aural wonderland. Loosing oneself has never been better.

Ruffhouse & Clarity – Persecute (Modulations)


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