2013/28 : Why Not

It would have been a lonely week in the dnb kingdom, had there not been a fantastic debut album by Rawtekk and a proper deep single by Italian label Avantgarde Recordings. And while the former will be equipped with my humble opinion around tomorrow, you can have my notions to this twinship of remix and VIP right now.

Remixes seem to be en vogue these days: only last week, Scientia Music’s second release consisted exclusively of remixes from their first; now we have Avantgarde LTD issuing at least one tune from their second on their third. But hey, as long as the quality remains as high as in the two mentioned examples, I wouldn’t mind if nothing new ever came out. (Well, I probably would.) However, the tune in question is Dabs’ take on Eastcolors’ I Don’t Know Why, and I daresay he takes up the loose ends of the original and ties them up but good, turning the formerly a little disoriented track into a smooth roller whilst not losing much of the emotional content to the groove. The bass too took a little more tweaking, and thus the once desolate question I Don’t Know Why becomes a compelling and powerful meditation on Why Not? The flipside is a VIP of Sparse by Quadrant & Iris, first released indeed as Avantgarde’s LTD inauguration back in November last year, and even back then quite a tune. So what’s the use of this VIP apart from remembering us of the original? In short: everything. The drums are much more varied and about double the size, the thick reese bass that so steadily meandered through the original has turned a great river of low end, and the sound surroundings that were pretty sparse nine months ago are vivid and full now (- but of course it was also Winter then): If all VIPs were quite as good as this one, we’d probably still be listening to Diplodocus. (We are?) So all in all and in all honesty two tracks that will probably not fire you up instantly, but will definitely keep you going forever once you’re inside this malicious machinery of drum and bass – so if you’re already running, don’t miss them!

Eastcolors – I Don’t Know Why (Dabs Remix) / Quadrant & Iris – Sparse VIP (Avantgarde Recordings)

Further watching: Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson


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