2013/37 : Whoopees

We start bass-heavy today with an almost classical release from your favourite purveyor of almost classical releases, Renegade Hardware: Optiv & CZA’s new double attempt on sonically kicking some teeth in with style, an undertaking that must be credited as mostly successful. Even though admittedly Vital Signs is not exactly progressing beyond comprehension, it remains a solid piece of grime in the as always best possible sense, full of filthy bass, dirty drumwork and an overall repulsive groove – so it’s all good. Yet it is the flip Back To The Future and it’s adventurous ride to actually get there that makes this purchase really worth your while: driven by compelling breaks and gnarly bass, the incredible momentum this fast-paced question-and-answer compound (-that’s what it would be musicologically at least-) amasses goes indeed beyond simple Newtonian math; and while the quantum physicists in CERN allegedly turned it down with some lame explanation as to ‘turning bubble chambers into trouble chambers’, there’s still the chance to experience and study this breakthrough in sonic high-energy science in the underground dance venue of your trust. And god knows what you’ll find out…

Optiv & CZA – Vital Signs / Back To The Future (Renegade Hardware)

Raw and controlled at the same time, at times a little arbitrary and always with a tendency towards the dramatic, US producer Matt McGowan presents his second release in two weeks and thus drops another two specimen of his Arizona speciality neurofunk: Guardian Angel commences  passionately with a stringy mixture of Purcell and Klepacki before culminating into a nice and groovy potpourri of accidic bass, fluffy drums and the one or other slice of synth. The flipside Catharsis is a heavy drumfunk roller that mostly sways between its compelling and big half-time and rather enthralling main part. Manifold basses in scruffy fashion and rapid alteration and one of those delicious eighties snares that recently killed Tom Cruise in Oblivion round off the tune, and all in all you’re left with a dozen very interesting minutes here: Crude, but distinct; and different – Matt McGowan definitely goes his own way, and I for one am quite curious where that will lead him.

Matt McGowan – Guardian Angel / Catharsis (Deep Field Audio)

On the deep end of this week’s spectrum we have what appears to be Datalab’s debut single on San Francisco-based Elevated Press Records, yet certainly are two tunes laden with groove and suspense: Future Encryption and Anthropoidz both revolt around simple drum foundations that allow the listener just enough space to hold on when the tearing basses come flying and haunting soundscapes come creeping; and while Future Encryption is more of a Surveyish roller, Anthropoidz has Datalab display all his abilities in modern day stop motion air sculpting. So anyone interested in some proper deep vibes and serious bass work should really check out this release, and as far as the stats are concerned you’re even dealing with an insider tip here. Double whoopee.

Datalab – Future Encryption / Anthropoidz (Elevated Press Records)

We conclude this week with a little something for the junglists, 36 Hertz Recordings’ issue of SR & Digbee’s highly energetic roller Twisted Love alongside label owner DJ Vapour’s rough Vlad the Impaler. And while the second circles a little indecisively around its aggressive 60ies beat, SR & Digbee furnish their best tune so far, connecting lushly pounding drums with a reasonable amount of pretty ecstatic vocals and a bass that’s almost Dispatch-style considering its massiveness and electric buzz around the fringes. So even if you subtract my fascination for this kind of music, you’d still have to take the overall high variety of its parts into account, so whatever you do: how can you not love this tune?

SR, Digbee – Twisted Love / DJ Vapour – Vlad The Impaler (36 Hertz Recordings)


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