2013/49 : The little Things

While his previous release on Deep Field Audio made me elevate him into the premier league of Neurofunk, Austrian producer Double Helix’s newest single propels him straight into the champions league of forward-thinking drum & bass. Again, Noisia and Phace flow strong in his youngest masterpiece Muffler, but if the almighty Stagger comes to mind it’s not because of its too close relativity but merely because it’s the only other tune that operates on such an elevated ground of information, breaks and bass. Deep and dense is the motto for the flipside too; and –being the ‘lighter’ of the two- the first-class roller Nebula with its thick low end and uplifting mid-term harmonies is just what’s needed after one is being blown out of Muffler’s ridiculously intense field. Indeed, if Double Helix continues to deliver tunes such as these it’s gonna get real tight at the top. Miss at your own peril!

Double Helix – Muffler / Nebula (Deep Field Audio)

Heavy, sweet and sticky like a 10-ton honey jar comes Maztek’s new and first EP on Renegade Hardware. Always the busy bee, the Italian with the unmistakeably luscious sound has proven one of the prime purveyors of modern Neurofunk over the past few years with an output of both immense continuity and, well, immensity. His current opus M-Theory is no exception: swirling basses, crisp drums and the ease of a rollercoaster can be found from the opening title track to the mellower Slinky, from the Nuclear MC-aided Crank It Up (whose dubious poetic relevance literally drowns in electronic energy) to my personal favourite iMaz whose sophisticated drum work is just too compelling. The whole release comes with a nice promo mix too, so if –God forbid- you’re still in doubt, just have a listen and convince yourself of what this fabulous EP is capable of!

Maztek – M-Theory EP (Renegade Hardware)

Mako’s new single A Break From Ritual has been compared to Photek’s Smoke Rings (from the seminal Modus Operandi album), but I daresay that’s a bit like comparing a dinosaur to the protozoon from which it eventually evolved. Of course, there’s a whole bunch of really fascinating unicellular organisms out there, but then again there’s that quite special grace of a Triceratops for instance; and if you’re an adept of the science of rhythmically organizing earthquakes, I guess you’d find the latter just a trifle more compelling. And that’s exactly what Mako’s new heavyweight 21st century jungle ritual is: just a trifle mightier than anything else in the break business right now. On the flip, Utopia Music’s mastermind ponders What A Little Moonlight Can Do, and does so with the aid of jungle’s rougher side, some rather weird melodies and soundscapes and the occasional confirmation of vocal shards. And truly, what a little drum & bass can do…

Mako – A Break From Ritual / What A Little Moonlight Can Do (Warm Communications)

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