Enjoy : Layering Errors

‚Coincidence is a genius‘ is the slogan sprayed onto various walls and streets in downtown Vienna these days, and I couldn’t agree more. For it was mere coincidence that let me stumble upon Enjoy’s single Point III not 3 weeks back, and it was this encounter that led me to discovering an even better treat: his first full length album Layering Errors, and with it a full-fledged round trip through break and bass miracle land, laden with musical maturity and subtlety that is somewhat unparalleled.

Truth is, one can hardly guess what’s coming when the intro’s disturbing scapes, distortion and filter accidents slowly creep into the unsuspecting listener’s ears and mind. But the very moment soft hi-hats slowly make their way through the pad-mist of the second tune, with the subdued speech sample that’s more of a subtle sign than barking representative, and the gradual emergence of those giant sine waves and breaks so tender they involuntarily made me think of pastry, the notion dawns: this will be epic. Now Hear My Mind is Layering Errors’ hub and motto, and everything that follows flows in the same timeless stream of ethereality and massiveness.

Arguably, it could be the jazz in the album. Tunes like the tramendous requiem for drowning basses The B.A.T. (which apparently –and righteously– stands for Blunt Amen Tune) with its wah-wah guitar reminiscent of Miles Davis’ seminal psychedelic period (indeed a remembrance that resonates throughout many tracks) or especially Shot On Sight feat. PC with its beautiful interplay of Rhodes piano and drums perfectly display what distinguishes Layering Errors from the commonality of releases: Enjoy’s ability to always expand the music’s horizon a little farther –even within the relatively definite borders of his genre–, and his remarkable sense for progression and energy.

Yet even if it was not for the glimpses beyond, somehow the album would still retain its fascination. And I admit, with tunes like the floating Potential Dreamer or the intense Hell’s Kitchen I caught myself more than once with embarrassing facial expressions of disbelief and surprise that revealed one question: how could a genre after so many years of existence still sound fresh? And how could anyone still contribute to the style and not repeat it? But the mystery is not to be questioned, and timelessness can only be experienced. As should the deadly deep subs, breaks and beyond of this fabulous album.

Enjoy, The Blunt Needles – Layering Errors (Omni Music)


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