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Being my personal designated newcomer of the year, Double Helix has quickly produced his way into our minds, hearts and underbellies. And even though the man has only released a polydactyle handful of tunes in 2013, their quality and progression (especially of his newest single Muffler / Nebula reviewed here) was enough to invite him for a little chat about where he actually comes from and plans on taking us.

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You have just released another two fabulous tunes on Deep Field Audio, and even though you’ve only made your appearance in the scene this year you’ve been received pretty well so far. How are you?

I’m fine, thanks. I guess it was a nice start. It’s not easy to get attention out there in the depths of the internet, but I think it slowly grows.

Would you like to say a few words about your recent single? What is the Muffler? What’s in the Nebula? What’s it all about?

Muffler is a very skilled ninja who is hiding in the silence and hits hard when he feels the time is right! The writing process was fun and smooth and I enjoyed it very much. I had that rare feeling that you get when you make something good, something that you’re really satisfied with, in a very small timeframe. It gives you a very good drive. Nebula is a giant colourful gas structure from outta space. I really like the arrangement from this one. I think it is a nice journey and you can picture sitting in a space vessel flying through unknown worlds of space. But I guess everyone has to decide for himself what it is all about. Music is a very subjective matter.

Your sound definitely falls under the ‘forward-thinking’ attribute: dark, techy, replete with details and a wonderland for any fetishist of information. What are you seeking with your music? What are you trying to express? And where does it come from?

I try to create worlds or journeys that hopefully people enjoy to enter or make. What I am trying to express is hard to tell. It changes from tune to tune. Sometimes I don’t have a clue what I am trying to express, and sometimes it’s more defined. And where it comes from… it’s hard tell without getting lost in a philosophical point of view. One part is definitely other music that I enjoy. Another part is me and my personality, what I experience as a person and what I think about. And I guess one part is also coincidence.

 How long did it actually take you to find your sound?

I cannot say that I found my sound already. I mean I don’t have a trademark, like, a typical snare for instance. I also like to try new stuff in every tune. So I think I have to wait a little longer and then I can look back and realize what my sound is. Or maybe I’m just too close to my production, so that I can’t see/hear with objectivity.

 And would you care to give us some insights as to your creative and production process?

Well, I usualy start with a drum loop and then I put some elements like a sub or some sound in it and try to get that groove or emotion I intended to get. In the process of evolving this loop I bounce a lot of samples from the sounds I met on the way into my sample library. When the loop gets better, I expand it to the first break and so on to the b part of the tune. In that process most of the time the whole tune changes. The last step is the intro. I cannot write an intro without knowing where the sound and the energy should aim.


What are your current major influences in- and outside dnb music? And how do you aim translate them into music?

There is a lot of good music that inspires me. Sometimes I just discover stuff by coincidence or get the chance to listen to some amazing musicians playing their instrument really well. But there’s also the non-musical side: My family, I am already a father. It’s one of the greatest things I’m allowed to experience every day. You have the chance to learn a lot about life and yourself. Then nature, I love to be outside. The structures of and in all the plants and animals that exist out there are so amazing. It always reminds me of the masterpiece of this planet. It’s definitely Nature! And of course my friends and people that I meet.
The translation into music is more of a subliminal process I guess. It’s a feeling or an inspiration that moves me to make something creative. And being creative in a musical way gives me satisfaction I can’t achieve in any other way.

What’s the last records that you listened to?

Timber Timber – Magic Arrow, tkalecFather Frost and Carl Orff – O Fortuna

Quite a variety! What do actually you think about the current trend to implement criticism in dancefloor tunes? Do you think politics belong into music?

I think it is important to everyone to realize that the system is about to destroy the whole western world. I mean look around. Music can translate a lot of things, so why not a criticism of the political system. It’s cool that the guys from Hamburg have the balls to take a stand. Drum & Bass is a very small genre and a lot of artists act very diplomatic. But the best way is always the authentic way.

Surprisingly enough, 2013 is coming to an end again. So in retrospect, was it a good year?

Time is flying! Yeah, I think it was a good year!

So what’s your dnb tune of the year?

Misanthrop – Deadlock

And what do you expect or wish for 2014?

That the rich people realize it’s time to change the unjust allocation of the resources and the money! ;-)
No, let’s cut the utopistic nonesese! I would wish to make awesome music and get the chance to make people dance and forget all the crap for a while!

 Fair enough. Final question: If some über-evil entity forced you to make an everlasting decision between the two: drums or bass? Which one would it be?

The Bass!


Double Helix Best of 2013 Guestmix (download mp3):

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1. Misanthrop – Deadlock (Neosignal Recordings)
2. Double Helix – Muffler (Deep Field Audio)
3. Cern – Formless [feat. Receptor] (Renegade Hardware)
4. Maztek -iMaz (Renegade Hardware)
5. The Upbeats & Noisia – Clamber (Vision Recordings)
6. The Upbeats – Beyond Reality (Vision Recordings)
7. Noisia & Balck Sun Empire – Hideous [Double Helix Remix]
8. Emperor – Solar [feat. Centra] (Critical Music)
9. Phace & Noisia – MPD (Neosignal Recordings)
10. Double Helix – Microgravity (Deep Field Audio)
11. Mefjus – Dissuade (Critical Music)
12. Gridlok & Prolix – Lounge Act (Project Trendkill)
13. Stray & Frederic Robinson – Thumbprint (Blu Mar Ten Music)
14. Black Sun Empire – Arrakis [Noisia Remix] (Blackout Recordings)
15. Misanthrop – System Crash (Neosignal Recordings)
16. Black Sun Empire & Eye – D – Brainfreeze [Neonlight V2 Remix] (Blackout Recordings)
17. Neosignal – Sequenz (Mefjus Remix) [Division Recordings]
18. Double Helix – Leviathan (Deep Field Audio)
19. Xtrah – Cyrax (Break Remix) [Symmetry Recordings]
20. Gridlok & Prolix – Membrane (RAM Records)
21. Rawtekk – Photone Recruits (Med School Music)
22. Double Helix – Nebula (Deep Field Audio)
23. Phace – Electronic Frontier (Neosignal Recordings)
24. Noisia & Evol Intent – The Liquid (Vision Recordings)
25. Phace – Hot Rock [Double Helix Remix]

More Double Helix:

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