2013/50 : Affluenza?

I don’t know what is with all the jungle people in winter, but as everyone else slowly seems to go into hibernation, they open up their sombre caves and start to deliver in quantity and quality. So when I barely recovered from Enjoy’s immense Layering Errors album, Denver duo Goreteks deliver their next fatal blow to my break-thirsty ears, and to my delight they contribute not only to our sonic welfare but also to the emergence of the consciousness frontier in modern electronic music: Indeed, if you’d combine timelessness, uncompromising expression and message on a high level, it’d most likely sound like this EP. How so? Well, first by entitling their EP Affluenza – a term that by itself invites frowning and (after considering wikipedia) discussion. Then by entering the massive title track with Brad Pitt’s ‘You’re not how much money you got in the bank’ speech from Fight Club – and even though you might have heard that one before, there’s no denouncing either movie nor quote. And finally, and most importantly, by emphasizing all these (and more) elements of criticism with music that is thoroughly sufficient to either fuel a revolution or just burn all the pain away in a momentary outburst of cleansing energy. And I promise, you’ll not find more raw energy in any current EP than in these four no-nonsense outcries from the urban jungle.

Goreteks – Affluenza EP (Noisy Drums)

Then there’s of course the deeper end of things, and this week we have M-Zine and Scepticz to aid the need for bass and space with their new 3-track single Revolve, and there’s hardly anything surprising to say about it: top notch microfunk with crisp percussion and a monstrous and fluffy bass-comb that rhythmically sweeps the floor like some 40-feet broom, and in the concluding Sustain (feat. Phase) they even spill some emotion. So in all honesty: yes, we’ve all heard this before. But if you’re not recklessly devoted to progress, you’ll be raving just fine with this triad.

M-Zine, Scepticz  feat. Distant Future, Makros & Phase– Revolve (31 Recordings)

Finally, we have Diffrent Music celebrating their 20th release with a nice compilation entitled Evolution of the Giraffe. And while such undertakings are usually a bit of a struggle for consistency, this album is all over just as special as one would expect. As usual with a slight housey edge, a tender emotional understanding and a flowering love for bass, the coming and going of the twelve songs is one continuous flow of beautiful depths and alienating heights. From FybeOne’s sensitive tribute to Falco, The Last Minute, to Jekyll’s low-end nosedive Horcurso, from Shiver’s stop-and-go break-puzzle Forfeit to Dominic Ridgway’s floppy stomper Siren, everything on this precious LP is thoroughly diffrent. So while we wish our favourite purveyors of Giraffe (-whose name is Leonard btw-) much funk for their next twenty releases, you might want to use the chance yourself to get a little pink into your ears.

Fybe:one, Dominic Ridgway, Kollectiv, Jekyll, Dexta & Mauoq, Mtwn, M-Zine & Scepticz, Arkaik, Shiver – Evolution of the Giraffe LP (Diffrent Music)


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