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Having just released a fabulous album on Omni Music (reviewed here), we naturally could not let the chance slip to ask the maestro himself about the whats, whos and ifs involved in this project. And rejoice, he even made us an easrly christmas present with a fresh album mixtape – Enjoy!

With your great album Layering Errors you’ve just made a massive contribution to both the jungle scene and the music universe. How are you?

I’m feeling blessed to have finally finished it!! :D Nah..seriously, I’m definitely happy and I sincerely don’t know if it’s a good contribution or not, but when you make music that you love from the inside, well, that’s a goal for sure!

 Although you’re producing for over a decade now, Layering Errors is your first album. Would you like to tell us a little bit about it? How did it come together and why now?

Well, this album is basically a collection of tunes composed in the last 5/6 years..the idea of an album project came in just last year when Chris Eschaton (Omni Music Boss), Code (Subtle Audio Boss) and some close friends convinced me to do it… Simple as that. The first start was just ‘collect this bloody bunch of cuts and put it out as it is’, but as the work progressed I realized I couldn’t get there all alone. So I thought to involve friends to have proper critics and tips on the whole project from the tracklist to the cover art, etc. etc. It came out as it is just because of teamwork. Teamwork always wins! You could have a good idea, but only when you share it with likeminded people, it comes out just the way you always thought it should.

 Why did you call it Layering Errors

There are two points of view about the Layering Errors thing: the most down to earth is just the way I compose, layering obsessively beats on beats on drums on basses etc., and at a certain point the unavoidable errors that were created altered the perception of the original sound, creating something new… or at least I think so! The other and most philosophical one is about life: I always thought life is a succession of happenings you barely decide, so, through living, you make or are subject to decisions that in a way or another are errors to you or the others. You just continue layering those errors one by one. Each and every error corrects or amplifies the other, making you what you are. Now that’s my (fatalistic) point of view of course. And Yes, I’m a nerd!

And who are The Blunt Needles anyway?

The Blunt Needles are me and my partner in life and crimes Dany. We started making tunes together from the very beginning of our relationship, and still it’s a ‘dunnowhatwillcomeout’ thing when it comes to the beats, which is wicked for me. Working with her is so fresh and inspiring as she’s a real subversive mind, she just doesn’t care about rules and cliches – this is pure genius. Also, all the art you see on the CD are real paintings by her, made expressly for the album, with the magic touch of those 2 shining heads Elia Falaschi and Gioroldo. Now ask me if I’m lucky -Yeah you can bet it I am!

 Among the album’s varied tracks you can hear a multitude of influences that range far wider than just jungle/dnb. What were your main inspirations for Layering Errors?

Music to me is inspiration always anyways, be it a string quartet rather than 5 fingers on a linoleum panel. I’ve always enjoyed and listened to a wide range of styles of music, from jazz to hip-hop, from electronic to classic. That always influences me composing. I think you are and write what you listen to, musically speaking. I love Miles Davis, Gil Scott-Heron, Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Boards of Canada, Chopin, Ravel, and I could continue for days… But let’s say I’m sticked to the breaks! I’m a bloody purist when it comes to the Jungle . You just have to drop that break, be it the Soul Pride or the Amen Brother or the Assembly Line or a million out there, you just can’t beat the breaks!

Could you give us any insights into your creative and productive process?

I don’t have a proper workflow, it depends on the mood I am in. Sometimes I write the structure immediately, then fill it with the basic elements, then dressing it up. Sometimes I spend days on a loop doing nerd things, doing variations on it, chopping samples like a maniac, andthen just assemble all of them. I love chopping beats. Twisting them up, layering beats is my mission!

Despite all the ups and downs, Renaissances and Armageddons in the wider field of dnb, the more junglistic sound of breaks and bass has stood its ground for two decades now. What makes this kind of music so special, so timeless in your opinion? How did you experience its change over the years?

I fell in love with it in the mid nineties and I still have goosebumps now like then, I’m afraid it’s a virus to be honest. So I’m definitely happy to have been infecte ! That’s all I can say to be honest, it’s just pure feeling… You know it’s there but you don’t know why. I could compare it to Peter Pan – everlasting young!

Yet even though there’s word of growth from time to time, the scene is still quite small. I understand you live in Udine – is there much dnb going on?

Me and my friend Maxist used to run a night called Bleep for 4 years, trying to push the sound we love and believe in, giving people something they never heard before, but as everywhere it’s hard to have a proper movement. It’s underground sound, hard to understand for the masses, so we quit few years ago. There is a sort of dnb scene around Udine actually, basically neuro/tech/mainstream oriented so. Not completely satisfactory in my opinion but at least there’s something going on. I’d say fair enough. But there are rumors about a Bleep come back… Look over your shoulder… ;)

As it is December now I feel compelled to ask everyone: what do you think of 2013? Was it a good year?

Yeah it was. And it’s ending very well I’d say! I’m not going politics and ruin peoples mood now! ;)

And what do you expect and hope for in 2014?

Hopefully to have the time and inspiration to continue making beats! For instance, there’ll be some tunes of mine out on Subtle Audio and another album with Chris Eschaton, some dubs are on the mixtape. Plus more Omni Music goodies by the end of next year.

And, musically speaking, what’s your tune of the year?

I adore Boards of Canada’s Nothing is Real, it’s simply perfect! On the jungle/dnb side there’s truly a lot to mention, luckly the new breed is coming out stronger than ever!

Final question: If you could take a time machine and go back in time and jam with the real Clyde Stubblefield and Gregory Coleman, would you do it? Or do you think they’re much better contained on harddisk?

I’d sell my left kidney for that!


Enjoy Guestmix (download mp3):

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