2013/51 : He who doth not shake

Only 2 weeks to go in the old year and CruK delivers his finest single to date: heralded by the disturbing meows of giant electronic cat choirs and compelling disharmonies, the opening march Filament is a bomb! The sub hums mightily beneath the drumatic urging, rapid fills tear the aether, funk oozes out of its manifold edits and there’s this overall old-school flow so many tunes lack nowadays – this tune glows in a great many respects! Or as God so eloquently put it: ‘A fool is he who doth not shake!’ On the flip we have Tension, initially an emotional tightrope act between a murky sky and a melancholy sea, but soon evolving into a dense stomper with a distinct electronic edge and a lot more seriousness to it than the serious edits suggest. So even though it doesn’t fully live up to Filament’s great expectations, I still heartily suggest this release as a whole and CruK as a name to watch. No one nowadays is quite so harsh with so much love and style.

CruK – Filament / Tension (Concussion Recordings)

In today’s depths we encounter Kush T’s debut on Terabyte Recordings. Opening alongside Serge with Tense, the most prominent features arising from Southampton’s newest asset in dnb are (of course) the steady flowing sub and the manifold hi-hat salvos that constantly fly by as you gently surf the former on the world’s most rhythmic battle ground. Some sparse yet tender harmonies and a smooth half-time groove round up the first half of the single. On the other side of this highly homogenous work we encounter the overall sombre and atmospheric track Waiting that mainly revolves around drums prancing around the scattered sound shards and upon those big waves underlying everything. Definitely a winter release with its icy odor and subtle melancholy, but either if you’re looking for some background music to your suicidal tendency or just want to give the upcoming Christmas a more solemn touch, I recommend you check out this nice single.

Kush T – Tense ft. Sege / Waiting (Terabyte Recordings)


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