2013/52 : The Last One (Again)

Christmas is arguably not the best time for releases, and I myself embraced the shift from listening to music to devouring turkey with the casual neurotic ease of a latent vegetarian (which of course didn’t stop me from running gastronomically berserk on the poor bird). Anyway, there’s one last item this year I’d like to bring to your attention: Ding’s debut single on Global Energy Recordings, a cosmopolitic ride through the depths of microfunk with a tasteful minimalistic approach and a proper dose of bass. The not exactly Christmas-carol The Saints opens atmospherically before a nice drum roll drops the tune into its stomping main part, and occasional sub-casualties keep you wondering as you’re being flanked by various reverb tails and fly-by sounds. The flip Microstep is the overall heavier of the two though it shares the slight structural inconveniences with its predecessor. The main movement here comes from the flabby pulsing of the sub that later on engages in a frantic pas de deux with its brother in the mids while the complex and clicky superstructure distantly reminds of early –if sparse– Rockwell. Admittedly, Ding does not exactly end the year with a bang, but I reckon that wasn’t really the plan. Instead, he concludes 2013 with a bud; and I for one am quite curious as to its sprout.

Ding – The Saints / Microstep (Global Energy Recordings)


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