2014/02 : Welcome Gifts

What better way to start a new year than some mellow debut drumfunk from Greek producer Kappadee. Released on Audio Theory, Solonos Street invites a pretty energetic head-nodding with a subtle yet unsteady laid-backness from the both smoothly uplifting and at times weirdly distracting pads. The deep and mysterious flip Kemali is a less driving and more bass-heavy undertaking with some nice tribal-style percussion and drowning subs en masse. A slight thinker’s frown accompanies both tunes, but that’s merely a side-effect from the effort of intellectually following the beautifully arranged drum cascades – and probably just a sign of having listened to too much music that does not meet the requirements of complexity (in that case don’t bother). This one however matches basically everything one can ask for a fine start into 2014, so don’t let it slip!

Kappadee – Solonos Street / Kemali (Audio Theory Records)

Our second item of interest after solemnly replacing the wall calendar is Kinetics’ new single on Violation Music, two immensely dense pieces of deep, tender groove and pressure entitled Reckless and Bellicose. The former could perhaps best be compared to the gentle cruise of a massive submarine, or at least that’s what comes to my troubled mind when exposed to the steady floating subs in the crossfire of clicks and subjected to the occasional outbreaks of some monstrous bass figures. Bellicose is fittingly the more agitated of the two, and -while keeping touch with the paramount submarine doctrine– engages in a rather diverse and groovy shakedown of breaks and percussion in all kinds of possibilities and impossibilities (you’ll understand eventually). It seems, 2014 is generous with welcome gifts – so get into the groove while you can!

Kinetics – Reckless / Bellicose (Violation Music)


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