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Between Brasov and Bristol there are few neurofunk newcomers at the moment more promising than Foken. Ouputs on various compilations last year and the heavyweight single Uh-Oh! on Future Science have raised quite some hopes for 2014: high time to meet the maker.

   Since we’re at the start of a whole new year, how was 2013 for you?

I am already that old? Yes, 2013 was a busy year, since I’ve moved to Bristol. I had some interesting projects and collaborations and I’ve been continously challenging myself. I hope it was a wonderful year for everyone.

   And how are you anyway?

I am both happy and pleased having this interview!

   Well, good to have you! I have to say that when I listen to your tunes, I can almost hear the golden age of neurofunk rebuilt before my unbelieving ears; those times when one could rely on Spor and Noisia didn’t play dubstep. Do you think those times will ever come back, and if not, where do you reckon we’re heading musically?

For me, music is a total constant. I think people enjoyed those times, but we need to use the future to escape the present. Of course, music can be perceived backwards in time, but we need to go forward and find fresh sounds!

   In my inevitable New Year’s speech I diagnosed a lot of negativity in 2013, in- as well as outside the music. Do you think musical negativity -aggression if you will- is more of a necessary self-cleansing process, or does it simply reflect an increasingly imperfect world?

I think is all about an imperfect world and that’s why it is advancing. If we want something new, we need to reinvent the past.

   What’s it to you?

I am surviving, I feel good when I fulfill a purpose and I appreciate when I know someone is there who appreciates my work. It is the best feeling and is not only about the music.

   When you produce, do you always find your inspiration at hand?

When I create sounds I am always inspired. If I cannot find my inspiration I play with beats, synths, basselines, until  I find something that I like and that gives me new ideas. I am a very curious and positive person and everything that surrounds me makes me think. Everyone who discovers an artistic part must develop it, and yes, this is what I am trying to do.

   Inspirational side question: the last three records that you listened to?

Koan Sound & Asa –Tetsuo’s Redemption
The Mars Volta- Since We’ ve Been Wrong
Friction & K-tee – Jupiter (Mefjus Remix)

   So is there actually something distinct you want to express in your music, or are you more the audiophile experimenter in your approach?

I always tried to combine new sounds, but which express my own way of perceiving things.

   I understand you’re using FL for your production – what made you choose it?

Even if I know Ableton and Cubase, I don’t think that the major role is occupied by the software, but you need to enjoy making music in a DAW that you like. It was my first software I bought and in my opinion is user friendly.

   And how do your tunes usually come together?

Inside my head I hear the song, but in a raw idea. Then I control what I want to achieve. With enthusiasm.

   I hear you’re producing on headphones only?

Yes, it is true, they are some cheap in-ear headphones. I started like vintage stuff, I think I am getting old.

   Have you actually got any new year resolutions?

Get a cat,eat my veggies and sleep more.

   And what’s planned in 2014 for you anyway?

I want to extend my collaborations, start making a signature sound, search new sounds and continue what has been left floating in mid air.

   Sounds like a busy year then! Final question: if your music was an animal, which one would it be?

Deep-sea fish, even if people find them horrible .They have interesting qualities that must be discovered.

Deep Sea Angler by Justin La Doux

Foken Guestmix (download mp3):

|leftbg=0x4b4b4b|lefticon=0xffffff|tracker=0xC0C0C0|loader=0x4b4b4b|rightbg=0x4b4b4b|righticonhover=0x4b4b4b|rightbghover=0xffffff|text=0x4b4b4b|titles=Guestmix for Subsphere|artists=Foken|animation=no|width=500|righticon=0xffffff|volslider=0x6b6b6b|voltrack=0xffffff]

1.Audio – Airborne (Original Mix)
2.Foken – ???
3.State Of Mind & Nymfo – Get Humpty
4.Emperor – Monolith (VIP)
5.Mefjus & Icicle – Contepmorary
6.Icicle – Anxious
7.June Miller & Nymfo – Misfits
8.Maztek – Caph
9.Cybernetics – Mechanism (Foken Remix)
10.Friction & K-Tee – Jupiter (Mefjus Remix)
11.Audio & Stapleton – Carcass (Original Mix)
12.Optiv & BTK – Inception (Maztek Remix)
13.Foken – ???
14.Noisia & Calyx & Teebee – Hyenas
15.InsideInfo – No Funk
16.Phace – Shitstorm
17.Rusty K – Kali
18.Memtrix – Numbers
19.Foken – Uh-Oh!
20.Enei feat. Sam Wills – Circles
21.sub.stance – Cut The Tension (Foken Remix)
22.Barbarix – From ASMR With Love

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