2014/03 : Ivy?

Sometimes, space-time (as science compells us to think of it) is just not on your side; and even though I kept cutting release after release from my list I just couldn’t finish this revue in time. Nevertheless, some tunes were just too sticky to be removed from it; so all delays aside, here’s some music you probably already know about.

First we have SKS with his reputed Phace-antidote Cold Rock, which in essence is a tunnel-visionary downward spiraling piece of repetitive funk syndrome. Though issued on Vandal Records I reckon it could also have been a Dispatch release given the prevalent sound of space-y bass, fresh drums and -on the other hand- overall aimlessness; features whose aesthetic evaluation I leave entirely up to you. On the flip we find Nymfo’s essentially minimalistic remix that adds a whole new dimension of progression through elaborate drumwork and a more action-oriented approach. All things considered, groove flows deep in this single, and not only fans of Silent Witness and friends could be very happy with this one.

 SKS – Cold Rock / Cold Rock (Nymfo Remix) (Vandal Recordings)

I’ve always considered releasing just one song on its own something of a bad habit, for it makes a deeper assessment of an artist’s potential and output simply impossible. But since we all know what the Upbeats are capable of, I guess we can turn a blind eye to that issue when it comes to their newest heavyweight eargasm Predator. Now you probably know my carefulness when applying standard dnb lingo to a tune, but there’s hardly any vocabulary but bad and dirty to describe this monstrous half-time sonic omnivore. In all criticality I might add sloppy to that selection, and it is a little arbitrary and not quite as organic and holistic as it possibly could have been; but sheer might outweighs sophistication, and I promise, you’ll be left for dead on the floor wondering what just hit you long before you even start to think about it’s potential structural deficits – so why even bother?

 The Upbeats – Predator (Subhuman)

Our concluding stand-out item for last week is June Miller’s new single on RAM, or -more specifically- the two drive lessons of sticky basses and rampant drums they recently let loose on humanity. Starting with the profoundly meaningless vocal lullery of Empathy (-which I just have to mention in a time when even BSE and SOM start decorating themselves with message-) it only takes about a minute to resolve in the thoroughly uplifting proceedings of breaks and bass at their best. The flip Operation Ivy commences with snares and pads of a distinct military diction, but as soon as the pretty mefjus-y snare enters funk is restored quickly. Accordingly, it doesn’t take long before we’re up and running again, and quite a run it is. So even though it might be old news: do yourself a favour and get this fine single, your ears and audience will  deeply thank you.

 June Miller – Empathy / Operation Ivy (RAM Records)


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