2014/06 : Colossuses

Issued as single to his upcoming debut longplayer Flashes Of The Future, New-Zealand based Borderline presents three proper tunes to whet the appetite on State Of Mind Music. Starting with the mighty Colossus (another nominee for the best song-title correlation in 2014) commences a thunderstorm of heavy beats and sturdy bass, packed with drive and mean melodies that will make you think of a time when even the future was better. The treat’s not over however, for right after this ever-evolving behemoth comes the collab with fellow countrymen State of Mind, Square One, and with it a psychedelic rollercoaster first class. The triad is concluded with Feelings featuring Bailey Wiley’s reflections on social complexities in a Break-like mixture of thick foundation and female touch. ‘Most musical, most melancholy.’ as John Milton likely would have put it – if he wasn’t so disturbed by its gnarly bass trying to devour his righteous soul. I have no idea when that album is about to come, but I reckon it’s about time.

Borderline, State Of Mind – Colossus / Square One / Feelings feat. Bailey Wiley – (SOM Music)


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