2014/07 : Bleep

Sharing the name and perhaps the probability for havoc with the 90ies MTV show, Nymfo adds another paragraph to the Encyclopedia Britannica’s article filed under Rolling with what I consider last week’s most essential release: the Headbangers Ball EP is –though slim for an EP- the definitive momentary asset in any DJ’s stock: composed of two lovely tunes replete with booming breaks and a fair share of fatness, you might even experience a slight tingling sensation as your hair silently attempts to aid you in the suggested motion. Attached to the digital delivery one also receives Oblivion Dreams, a bonus item of little particular interest though in the illustrious company of the enthralling Headbangers Ball and the massive Bleep. Thus I cannot but heartily recommend any prospective investor to grab this fine item of sonic art, it will be a delight to your weary ears and feet and is guaranteed to set any floor stark raving mad with basseous desire. And if you do, don’t forget the anti-imperialist investment policy and grab it from Commercial Suicide’s Surus store.

Nymfo – Headbangers Ball EP (Commercial Suicide)


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