2014/08 : Plasma Parameter

Two things seem to constitute 2014 so far: all games are early-access and all singles disguise themselves as EPs. Well, luckily we don’t have any bigger problems, so I reckon Operon & Akshay Kalawar’s contribution to the latter case with it’s overall relaxed atmosphere is quite in order. Chilled drum & bass? Well, that’s at least what the dreamy and lush soundscapes say, contrasting the agitated junglistic percussion in its closely entwined dance with the fluffy sub: enough information to send you on a mellow meditation whilst following the sound splinters fly by. Probably not the right outfit to ignite a night, but a rather neat possibility when sleeping already is just not an option.

Operon & Akshay Kalawar – Deeper Voices EP (Influenza Media)

Another two possibilities to have the later hours of the day (or earlier hours if you will) go in a more rolling direction are offered by Dub Head. Renowned for his gritty sound, the Kiev based producer kicks off with the intense Planet Rhythm and its tearing bass salvos before heading into the more drum driven direction of Blockhead – a song that the late Tony Montana probably would have considered deep. So even though a sullen soul might even cast the verdict that a trifle more cleanliness might have been in order, a bass-hungry belly such as ours could care less about such perfectionist profanities. So remember the anti-imperialist investment policy, head over to the label store, crank up the volume and get them for free for the usual semi-frightened click into the Cyrillic.

Dub Head – Planet Rhythm / Blockhead (TAMP3CORDS)

The last item of this week is actually from the week before and features Melbourne-based and rather good-looking Plasma Audio’s sonic debut on the stage of drum & bass. None other than the mighty Icicle  commences with a massive remix of 4th State from Safire, Amoss and Gusto that could best be described as a more technological and clean –civilized, if you will– attempt on whatever Spor in 103 Degrees was after (-no aesthetic implication-): pounding drums, a thick bass speaking in tongues and – Gusto. The other two tracks hold up the current trend of confusion among release nomenclature, being what can be considered a single from Gamma, and the real treat if you like getting lost in voluptuous and enigmatic fields of bass and bleeps. Subseqently, that’s pretty much what Chavland is about, and I warrant a memorable ride as –and here I’d like to resort to the poetry of the press release- ‘it flows over peaks and troughs of progression and breakdown.’ The other half of Gamma’s two-thirds on this release is occupied by the fast-paced neuro-roller 2012 that is about as spacey as the year actually could have been – and I mean like really spacey. Conclusively, since the birth of a label has always been a very special and delicate operation, I’d like to express my feelings of warmth and compassion to the newly minted label parents, along my firm belief that their new transpacific opposition will surely share the one or other new perspective.

Safire & Amoss feat. Gusto – 4th State / Gamma – Chavland / 2012 (Plasma Audio)

Finally I’d like to publicly tap my own shoulder, for this is the 100th article to be featured on this blog (cake submission is open). If you’d like to stay updated on the next 100, I invite you to join the Subsphere newsletter or drop by on phacebook.


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