2014/16 : Metaphorical

I’m afraid my latest revue turned out a bit too far from the usual dnb-speak, rendering its very few readers puzzled and helpless as to the meaning of it all. In the following I have attempted to take it back to the roots a bit more. Hope this works…

The most disgusting piece of filth I have endured in otherwise rather boring weeks was recently released by RAM’s sub-label ProgRAM and features sick Budapest-based producer Kelle and the two horribly nasty pieces Respirator and Radiophobia. Both run in a proper deep and dark vein of terrifying fuzzy bass, funky bleeps and furtive breaks, and while the outrageous Respirator tends to stay on the more stomping side of things, the despicable Radiophobia quickly develops into a monstrous tank of rolling subs and driving drums. Fie. If this single was edible I reckon it’d be a Nestlè product (just to give you a taste of how revolting it truly is), so all of you looking for the proper nastiness and whatnot, here it comes.

Kelle – Respirator / Radiophobia (Program Records)


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