2014/20 : Oddities

It seems the relationship between Hex -whom you probably know as head of the magnificent source of bass coverage dnbdojo– and his synthesizer is pretty symbiotic, and while at times it appears a little unclear who is actually playing whom, the ride they offer with his new single on Mindstorm Records is more than a mere sonic oddity but a joyous adventure full of turns and tension in heavy bass land. The opening track Genie’d swiftly exemplifies what I so vainly try to put in words here, with hard drums and mysterious pads preparing the entrance of this malicious beast whose soundwaves tear through the sturdy backbeat like a chainsaw on acid gone freeriding… Anyway, the flip Halfbreed (-which I reckon the  ‘Help, I swallowed a wolf!’-artwork suggests) could be a halftime score to some James Bond movie back when the Russians were the villains exclusively and electronics were the only viable option of making the tundra sound believable. It’s rather massive though, so it might have driven sympathies towards the wrong people and I reckon the roducers would’ve turned it down. Luckily, the common place for bass-laden music is free from ideological fallacies, and with the right people and the proper beats even the tundra can be as pleasant a place as any.

Hex – Genie’d / Halfbreed (Mindstorm Records)

The most recent collection of low-frequent oddities was released this Friday by Phace & Misanthrop’s digital only playground Neodigital. It’s always a rare and precious occasion when they’ve got a release coming out, and since their last ‘discoveries’ of sort were Emperor and Mefjus I guess one can say the expectations are high. That said, NDGTL005 commences with a tune just as unexpected as expected: Detail and Abstract Elements’ Wrecked defies about all dnb conventions and foregrounds the convulsive vocal machine gun above a neat bouquet of giant feline bass foundation, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable stomper the likes of earlier Rockwell – weird and great. The flip on the other hand and side, Czech producer A-Cray’s Stomper, is a rapidly driving piece of mad machinery, replete with a psychotic, almost Phace-ish take on rhythm and harmony, and simply simple and infectuous to the last second. Now I know that my personal taste is nothing but my personal taste and I don’t mean to nag (-nah, I do-), but given the relatively stupefying repetition of old formulas and endless re-arranging of samples you just might have heard 10.000 times before currently happening in many fields of music, the freshness and originality of this single is quite outstanding. And if you grab it in the Neosignal store over at their homepage you can even circumvent Beatport’s insane imperialism and save a buck or two.

Detail, Abstract Elements – Wrecked / A-Cray – Stomper (Neodigital)


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