2014/21 : Return of the Unspeakable

HYQXYZ - Synthetic Seas Return‘The best things in life are free’ is not only a dubious early 90ies tune and blatant commercial punchline – today it has become an eternal truth for any connoisseur of massive bass and breaks music. Issued under the aegis of Concussion Recordings, HYQXYZ presents two straightforward masterpieces of pressure and psychedelia that I promise will have you banging before you even notice what’s happening. Synthetic Seas starts off with an ocean of epic synths before lunging into the fast-paced undulations of the fuzzy main part, joyously tearing mostly everything to shreds as it pounds its twisted way through the manifold structure of the piece. Return takes on a more rolling pace with an occasional nod towards jungle, complete with crashing subs, shreddering bass and a proper psychedelic atmosphere that will not only display any club for the asylum it really is but also ensure your well-being inside it. Progression is of the highest order in both tunes, and the Belgian producer who has always refrained from boredom and too much repetition continues his fascinating journey in a thoroughly impressing manner, making this single a mandatory addition to your collection of sonic environments. And it’s free too so there’s really no excuse…

HYQXYZ – Synthetic Seas / Return (Concussion Recordings)


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