2014/22 : Monkey Business

‘Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!’ is what my favourite hermit Mr. Thoreau would have exclaimed with a smiling eye and bouncing head if he had only lived to hear Detail’s new single – sadly, he died 152 years too early. But I’m sure he would have rejoiced at the affairs of the two tracks Deranged and Shiver that truly limit themselves to a few yet outstaning elements in massive waves of very controlled thunder. Emerging from what might be heard as the pounderous and uplifting march from civilization (but might also be assessed as cheap Hans Zimmer-ish prelude), the opening Deranged drops into a tumultuous main part with a bass that comes down like god’s fist, lightning-charged and blazing, and a groove that is neither far from heaven nor hell.  The playful and psychedelic flip Shiver takes on a more mircrofunky direction with tons of edits and a lot more than just those deliciously crushed cymbals to give you the creeps. ‘The head monkey in London puts on a traveller’s cap, and all the monkeys in Europe do the same.’ complained Thoreau about the situation of bass music  in the 19th century. O had he only lived to see the sparkling hope that Detail means for his beloved sonic divertimento of drum and bass!

Detail – Deranged / Shiver (Vandal Records)

Our second item of the day is already a few weeks old, but since I fear it didn’t quite pop up on everyone’s radar I might as well bring it to your attention now: It’s a single from Agnostetics issued as another freebie from TAMRECORDS that combines all the aforementioned virtues of simplicity and not being a monkey with a tender and special head-through-the-wall approach. It starts off with Gold Magic, and if the definition of insanity really is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, then the tune with its recurrent triplets, stomping drums and weird atmosphere must be something of its acoustic equivalent. ‘As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.’ says Thoreau, and I think he too would have liked the way the Russian producer(s?) leave their forceful imprint on the fourth dimension. Quartz on the other side even cranks up the madness factor a bit more, and though I wouldn’t go so far as to bring Billain into the discussion, I reckon they both share a tendency towards fighting fire with fire, or oil respectively. I might add that the overall progression level could be a trifle higher, but then again that would undermine the whole review, so I guess it’s all good. And it’s беспла́тно too, so what are you waiting for?

Agnostetics – Gold Magic / Quartz (TAMRECORDS)


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