Smyla : Asylm LP

It takes about 40 seconds to grasp that there is something massive, probably vicious about to happen when you tune in to Smyla’s new Asylm LP on Mute:8 Recordings. Being their first release in 2014, they pick up straight where they left with Smyla and B-Key’s fabulous collab Tempress / The Sign  in December of 2012. Yet while the latter gave only a glimpse into the dark sonic universe of the man they call the Beast, his new LP is a full-fledged utopia of sub bass frenzy and out-breaks deluxe.

The probably most amazing thing about this LP that kept Smyla occupied for the last 18 months is the enormous integrity and consistently high level throughout the full 12 tracks and 78 minutes. Wherever the ride goes – from the sharp, aggressive opening track through the thick jungle and epic vocals of Before the Science, rolling over the edge of smoothness and insanity with Cannibal Consumer, taking a turn at the momentous melancholy vibe and heavy breakfest Last of the Kings and going straight into your frontal lobes and down your spine while you rave tied up in the Straight Jacket and brutal bass – Asylm is more than just a collection of tunes, it’s a journey that leaves you with quite a tale to tell.

So while I ponder if the fine jazz and funk drummers of old even glimpsed what the true purpose of their playing would be, I can only recommend the current album of the year to everyone with ears, or at least a belly to feel it. Simple as that.

Smyla – Asylm LP (Mute:8 Recordings)


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