2014/36 : Transcending

Prolix - Transcendent EPI guess it is safe to say that what Prolix presents with the quintet of collaborations on his new Transcendence EP is indeed acoustic core meltdown of the highest order. Misanthrop, Rido, Coppa, Meth and Mob Tactics are the infamous five that each got together and most got drunk with the man from London in various studios and catacombs around Europe, dragging points and screwing knobs for a new definition of rock’n’roll. And Euereka! – caught in the endless rush of Transcendence’ breaks, spacing in and out through Exploration or entwined in the smoother depths of Vital Condition, I guess it is also safe to assume that they succeeded in their task. Roaming the web for an image that would properly catalyze my emotions and exemplify the energy that underlies most of the compositions, I came across this visionary rendering which I think is about accurate:

What more could  I possibly say?

Prolix, Misanthrop, Rido, Coppa, Meth, Mob Tactics – Transcendence EP (Trendkill Records)


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