Rawtekk : Here’s To Them

Rawtekk - Here's To ThemIt may seem strange to begin a review with a warning, but having experienced it myself I can only hope to save others from the same ill fate by putting up a big sign: if you’re producing music, do not (I repeat do not) listen to the new Rawtekk album to wash your ears or in between working on your own tunes, for they will invariably start to sound like total shite in comparison what the German couple delivers on their second full length output. Really, take the afternoon off, a stroll in the woods, go somewhere quiet, don’t even talk if it can be omitted. Make sure you have at least a day for recovery afterwards. Turn off your phone and internet, and make sure you’re stocked on raw green vegetables, protein and a beer for the comedown. Then you should be formally ready to go on a journey unlike any other.

Unlike any other? Well, it’s obviously still Rawtekk at work, so if you’re familiar with their 2013 debut Sprouted & Formed you’ve got a general idea what to expect: Drums of unparalleled complexity and beauty, some super massive basses and Christine’s eerie vocals; and in essence this is what you get, only transcended. So, in order to make this more about the music than about me wrestling with words, if you’re out for some neat bangers you’ll definitely find the album to your liking. But if you’re open to an almost spiritual component in bass music and ready to go next level, Here’s To Them will absolutely make you go apeshit with pleasure.

Haven’t we heard that before? Granted, the age of insubstantial superlatives continues to thrive. But I’d also like to point out that it took a sonic Behemoth the likes of Here’s To Them to stir me from my writer’s slumber. So, for what it’s worth, yes it’s good. It’s colossal really.

Rawtekk – Here’s To Them (Med School)


One response to “Rawtekk : Here’s To Them

  1. I agree with your warning! I read it too late though I’ve been listening to this in between trying to produce some DnB and it makes we want to chuck it all in the bin and give up! These two are making some genuinely groundbreaking sounds. Love the spooky vocals. Some of the tracks are plain scary. Warning number two: have a team of paramedics on hand when you are preparing to listen to some of these tracks.

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