Misanthrop : Misanthrop

nsgnllp03dThough he has not been idle, it took Michael Bräuninger- better known in dnb under his alias Misanthrop- more than a decade to come up with his debut LP, and now that it’s here I’ve spent some time listening and meditating on how to condense the musical essence of the 13 songs into language. Even though the self-titled album is overall more on the aggressive side of the neurofunk spectrum, it does display a considerate amount of freshness and variety: from the opening Antimachine with it’s political dimension and shuffle-feel (!) to the stepping darkness of Infinite Hysteria, from the rhythmic intricacies of Minimalinski to the weird monster of bass that is The Funk, from the utter destruction that is Rosebud to the destruction of the 4/4 metrum itself in Heavy Load, the album is one of the rare kind that offers an ultimate listening experience on a high fidelity sound system as well as utter dancefloor destruction.

I have thus condensed all of my diversified impressions into this simple verdict:

Holy Fuck.

I guess there’s not much more to say. Allegedly, the LP was one and a half years in the works – let’s just hope we can expect something like this every 18 months from now on.

Misanthrop – Misanthrop (Neosignal)



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