Music, particularly when served with monstrous low ends and seductive beats,  is a fine vehicle to just loose oneself and let go. Eyes twisted, bodies undulating with every fresh wave of pure sonic energy, hands probably held high in spasms of rapture, the all-engulfing bliss of bass. Nothing wrong with that.

We, however, believe that there is something more to it: a sense of adventure, an immanent journey,  a riddle and -sometimes- even an answer. Regrettably, not every piece of music in our little aural safe haven of drum & bass is equipped with these facets – truth is that while most match the requisitions of the body, very few also match the mind. But some do, and to bring them to a wider attention is what Subsphere is all about.

So we venture the internet’s infinity to unearth the tunes to shake your bowels and your brain, caress them with unctuous words and humbly present them in a weekly revue to your eyes and ears.
Furthermore, we aim to deepen the understanding of the music by deepening the understanding of the producer: thus we present you with interviews and -whenever possible- guestmixes in the subsphere : focus series.
And finally, we seek to uphold the legacy of this precious music – be it the classics that were forged in the fires of old samplers and precious acetate or just some recent tunes everybody seems to have forgotten – by trying to capture its essence in randomly occuring specials.

About the author:
Subsphere mastermind Georg Tkalec, born 1986 in Austria, studied bass guitar in Rotterdam and musicology in Vienna, where he graduated with a thesis on the history of drum & bass. He has an almost obscene fetish for words and in his spare time plays the lute frenetically.

If you want to forward promos for possible reviews, bribe me or just say hello you can do so via subsphere.revue [at] or pm.

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